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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, Houston TX

  • Agency Name
  • Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services
  • Agency Location
  • 7880 San Felipe Street, Suite 111
    Houston, TX 77063
  • Contact Phone
  • (713) 522-2800
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  • Services Offered
  • Adoption
  • Description
  • Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services helps smooth the way for adoption, helping both women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and families looking to adopt. We guide adoptive families through the home study and legal process and train them so they’re prepared to bring a child into their home. And of course a lot of what we offer is support for the process they’re going through. We also provide counseling for the birth mother during and after her pregnancy. When she needs help that extends beyond six weeks after delivery, we connect her to a PCHAS Child and Family specialist. We provide housing, medical care, and other necessities through this program. Most of the adoptions we facilitate are open adoptions, meaning the birth parents select and meet future adoptive parents. If they would like, and they feel comfortable doing so, birthparents can maintain a close relationship with their birth child throughout the years. This can include contacts such as personal visits, pictures, letters and telephone calls. An open adoption benefits both birth families and adoptive families. Children can never have too many people to love them. Therefore, having an open adoption enables children to know their birthparents and learn more about their family history. While most adoptions today are open, in the past, the records were usually sealed. Adults who were adopted as children often ask us to help them search for and reunite them with their birth parents. This process involves counseling for all parties. In a typical year, we help more than 100 families in the Search and Reunion program.
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