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We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

A World For Children - Houston

Houston, TX 77057 | (713) 622-5353

A World For Children is committed to meeting the needs of Houston's most vulnerable members of society through our foster care and adoption programs. The agency believes in meeting the needs of the entire family through ongoing support and training provided by our dedicated team. A World For Children is a Christian, state licensed non-profit child placing agency, offering an array of services to children in substitute care. We believe that all children deserve to live in a safe and caring environment. The mission of A World For Children is to serve at risk children and families by providing quality services focusing on prevention, support, assessment, therapeutic intervention and permanency. As a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization, AWFC works with over 1000 children each year to provide each individual child with a quality of life unmatched by another. Respect, dignity and excellence form the cornerstone from which all services at A World For Children operate. At AWFC, we provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation of agency processes to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. The Houston branch office is one of fourteen offices throughout the State currently providing services to Regions 5 and 6, including Harris, Montgomery, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Chambers, Liberty, Waller and Angelina Counties. We believe that as a Christian agency, we should set the standard for excellence in everything we do and, as a team, we work hard to achieve this goal. Our Houston branch office is centrally located for your convenience, near the Galleria area, off of 610. The Houston team is continuously seeking support in the form of licensing new foster parents, monetary donations, volunteers for various events and above all your prayers. As an agency, we are stepping out and working on ways to ensure our children reach their maximum potential so they can be successful in care as well as when they become adults. We are committed to breaking the cycle of abuse, one child at a time.

Agape Manor Home Child Placing Agency - Houston Office

Houston, TX 77096 | (713) 333-8686

Agape Manor Home, a Non-Profit Child Placing Agency, founded in 1999, is dedicated to providing high quality care and services to children and families. We provide 24-hour residential foster care and adoption services to children that are removed from their biological family by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Agape Manor Home provides a strong family atmosphere that encourages the development of healthy, life changing relationships, and models Christian values in every day life.

Alternatives in Motion

Houston, TX 77073 | (281) 821-6508

Founded in July 1984, Alternatives in Motion, formerly known as Gulf Coast Placement Agency, Inc., is an independent, non-profit corporation licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide comprehensive child placing services to Christian families and individuals regardless of ethnicity, age, marital status, or any other special condition or circumstance.

Angel Adoptions of the Heart

Houston, TX 77035 | (713) 906-4646

Caring Adoptions Inc.

Houston, TX 77079 | (281) 920-4300

Caring Adoptions is a full service adoption agency that has been finding families for children since 1991. The Agency is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Although located in Houston, Caring Adoptions works with Birthmothers throughout Texas, and Adoptive Parents throughout Texas and the United States. All of our social workers have 20 or more years' adoption placement experience. These credentials enable Caring Adoptions to work with all members of the adoption "triad" – the Birth Family, Adoptive Family, and the Child – to ensure a successful adoption placement.

Children of Diversity

Houston, TX 77014 | (281) 866-0851

Children of Diversity, believes that there should be a continuum of services available for families and children. This continuum starts with home based services designed to strengthen and maintain the family as a unit, moves to using the extended family as a resource then to foster care. Out of home services should be based as close to the families community as possible and designed to bring about reunification of the family as rapidly as possible with after care services provided. In providing foster/adoptive care, it is understood that the purpose is for short-term care, with reunification of the family as the main goal. In situations where there is no family or reunification is not possible, Children of Diversity, will provide long-term foster care or assist in preparation toward adoption or emancipation.

Colores Adoptions

Houston, TX | (888) 315-9787

Colores Adoptions, LLC specializes in domestic adoptions and it is licensed by the State of Texas to provide professional adoption assistance to birth mothers and adoptive parents in Texas and nationwide. In Louisiana we are licensed under Decolores Adoptions International. We have over 13 years of experience in adoptions. Colores Adoptions is committed to provide extensive support, security, and empathy to birth mothers and adoptive families on a personal level of compassion and understanding. We will continuously strive hard to provide each birth mother, and family who adopts through our agency, ongoing guidance and support to accomplish these goals, making the entire adoption experience a reward of love and happiness that last a lifetime!

DePelchin Children’s Center - Main Campus - Houston

Houston, TX 77007 | (713) 730-2335

DePelchin Children’s Center is the leading center in Texas for children’s well-being, with a focus on mental health, foster care and adoption services. For more than 120 years, DePelchin has been turning lives around with comprehensive care for children, including psychiatric services, counseling, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, residential treatment, foster care and adoption. DePelchin is a not-for-profit organization and gratefully receives its support from individuals, foundations and corporations; government grants and fees; and United Way agencies.

Gladney Center for Adoption

Houston, TX 77069 | (713) 665-1212

Our Heritage is Our Stability - For more than 125 years Gladney has been a pioneer and leading voice for improving the lives of children, adoptive families and birth parents. With unwavering commitment, through good economic times and bad, we have focused on our mission and made a difference in the lives of birth parents, families and children here and around the world.

Heart of the Kids Social Services, Inc

Houston, TX 77074 | (713) 864-5650

Heart of the Kids Social Services, Inc (HKSS) is a Christian based, non-profit corporation, which places neglected, abandoned, and abused children from newborn infants to eighteen year olds into our homes. Some children may have serious mental, physical and/or emotional problems, and some may even be returning to a family setting after hospitalization. Heart of the Kids Social Services, Inc is inspired to provide an environment where children can heal, nurturing families can develop, and where serenity and personal growth are achieved. Heart of the Kids Social Services, Inc is devoted to the goal of providing remedial services to aid children through the affecting pain that resulted from their abuse or neglect, as well as their neurotic behaviour. Our highly trained professional staff will focus on the children's special needs and ensure that the children needs are being served. Foster parents, while working as a team member with Heart of the Kids staff and other professionals, provide the support needed by the child to thrive physically, emotionally, and socially. If additional services are required, we will consult with highly trained professionals and network with remedial services along with community resources for the stability of care. If a child can’t go home, our licensed foster homes will provide care and stability for children who are waiting for relative care, adoption, guardianship, or some other supportive setting. Our foster families will also help prepare older adolescents for the day when they will be out on their own, living independently. Heart of the Kids Social Services Inc is also committed to our foster parents by providing ongoing support, supervision and training; which will empower them to provide excellent care for the children and youth in their own homes.

Houston Achievement Place

Houston, TX 77008 | (713) 868-1943

HAP Mission: To help children and their care-providers (parents, teachers, foster parents, other caring adults) learn the skills and develop the relationships for home, school and life success.

Loving Houston Adoption Agency

Houston, TX 77092 | (832) 204-6010

We are a non-profit, christian adoption agency licensed by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services. We are located in Houston, Texas and provide both adoption and foster care services. Our goal is to license and equip Christian homes for the purpose of loving, nurturing and caring for at-risk children in our city.

Upbring Adoption

Houston, TX 77092 | (281) 298-8639

Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption have served children, families and communities since 1881 and have provided adoption guidance, specifically to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, since 1944. Through the placement of more than 8,000 children into loving, forever homes, Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption are experts in offering long-term support and dependability to their birth parents and adoptive families.

Monarch Family Services

Houston, TX 77006 | (281) 236-3989

Because we recognize every child and family travel on different and unique paths in their journey toward wholeness and empowerment, our agency is family-focused and provides integrated comprehensive services across the family services continuum. Monarch Family Services provides pre and post adoption services. Our mission and purpose is to seek a stable, nurturing, forever home for every child who is eligible for permanent adoption, regardless of race, ethnic background, or physical or emotional challenges. The agency is committed to educating prospective adoptive parents, and the wider community about adoption and related parenting issues. It is our goal to support and facilitate a positive experience for the couples and individuals who have chosen to adopt children that are in custody of Child Protective Services. We offer a full range of adoption services including adoption plans, home study services, educational workshops (e.g. separation and attachment, importance of family connections, trauma of abuse and neglect, CPS discipline policy, Adoption Assistance Program, and Federal Adoption Tax Credit), individual/group counseling, and referrals.

New Life Adoptions

Houston, TX 77070 | (281) 955-1001

New Life Adoptions is a non-profit, Christian ministry to women in unintended pregnancies and a licensed adoption agency. We provide life-affirming alternatives and practical assistance to women and families facing unintended pregnancies. We offer free guidance, education, and adoption options. We are committed to the Biblical truths regarding the sanctity of life. We believe that every child is a miracle from God and deserves a chance to live. Therefore, we offer alternatives to abortion counseling and support. We know that bringing a new life into this world is not without difficulties. We attempt to refer women to the appropriate services available to meet their individual needs. We lovingly and unconditionally provide client care, personal support, factual information, and adoption services. For those wishing to explore adoption, we are a licensed adoption agency and can provide the proper counseling and opportunities to select a family for her child. We see the adoptive family as an extension of Christ to minister His love to the birth family placing their baby for adoption. We are also committed to the Biblical directive to raise children to know and love the Lord, therefore, we place children for adoption only with professing Christian couples who have been married at least three years and are active members of the same church. Our goal would be to place babies in homes where they will be raised according to the Word of God and come to the understanding of their need for redemption in Christ with the hope that they will become believers. Our prayer is that each woman would find an opportunity to transform her crisis into victory.

Pathways Youth & Family Services - Houston

Houston, TX 77008 | (832) 726-0888

Pathways is a Texas-based non-profit social services organization dedicated to creating environments where children and families thrive. We provide a wide array of social services including adoption, foster care, counseling, therapy and other in-home services. All children need great parents. Why? Because parents create the stable, safe and nurturing environments in which children thrive. This is the premise of our adoption program and why we strive to find permanent homes for children. Our adoption staff is committed to ensuring the success of all the children and families we have the privilege to work with and we are committed to excellence before, during and after the adoption process. Our adoptive families will always have Pathways as an advocate and supporting partner. It is our goal to provide each home and child the best opportunity for a successful adoption experience. Pathways Adoptive Families: Provide for their children's safety at all times; Create an environment where children can thrive; Encourage and develop each child’s unique interests and curiosity; Help the children discover their own unique gifts & talents. Pathways also believes that children can succeed in homes of varying religious affiliations, racial make-ups and socio-economic backgrounds. We work with families that share a common interest in healing the past and building strong futures in every child we encounter.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

Houston, TX 77063 | (713) 522-2800

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services helps smooth the way for adoption, helping both women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and families looking to adopt. We guide adoptive families through the home study and legal process and train them so they’re prepared to bring a child into their home. And of course a lot of what we offer is support for the process they’re going through. We also provide counseling for the birth mother during and after her pregnancy. When she needs help that extends beyond six weeks after delivery, we connect her to a PCHAS Child and Family specialist. We provide housing, medical care, and other necessities through this program. Most of the adoptions we facilitate are open adoptions, meaning the birth parents select and meet future adoptive parents. If they would like, and they feel comfortable doing so, birthparents can maintain a close relationship with their birth child throughout the years. This can include contacts such as personal visits, pictures, letters and telephone calls. An open adoption benefits both birth families and adoptive families. Children can never have too many people to love them. Therefore, having an open adoption enables children to know their birthparents and learn more about their family history. While most adoptions today are open, in the past, the records were usually sealed. Adults who were adopted as children often ask us to help them search for and reunite them with their birth parents. This process involves counseling for all parties. In a typical year, we help more than 100 families in the Search and Reunion program.

Rainbow of Love Adoption Agency Inc.

Houston, TX 77231 | (713) 779-8877

If you are pregnant or the mother of a young child and you are not prepared for parenting at this time, consider ADOPTION. Adoption is a blessing for all involved..... Birthparent(s) - you chose life, provided unconditional love and now you are allowing your child to have an opportunity for a brighter future. Child - you will be raised in a safe, loving and stable home, by parents who are prepared to be parents. Adoptive Parents - you will be blessed with the child that you long desired, prayed and prepared for. Birthparent(s) can select the adoptive family or have a confidential adoption. We work with families nationwide of various races, ethnicity and religions. All families are thoroughly screened.

Safe Haven Community Services

Houston, TX 77074 | (713) 988-7233

Safe Haven Community Services is a child-placing foster/adopt agency offering services to children who are in need of substitute care. This usually occurs when the birth parents are unable or unwilling to provide adequate care. Our mission is to find permanent homes for these children and prepare them to become responsible citizens. Did you know you can be part of that mission? We are always looking for individuals or families who are willing to open their home to a child and help direct their future.

Spaulding for Children

Houston, TX 77024 | (713) 681-6991

Spaulding for Children's mission is to provide children in need of a loving home with the joy of having one. A not-for-profit organization with a 38-year history, Spaulding for Children is dedicated to building and sustaining strong, nurturing adoptive families for children who have endured abuse, neglect or abandonment. Our vision is to be the premier provider of adoption, foster care and related services in Texas. Because of Spaulding for Children, there could be a loving family for every child who needs one. The agency is recognized for its innovative programs and leadership in collaborative initiatives.

Homes with Hope

Houston, TX 77009 | (713) 864-1885

Homes with Hope is a private, non-profit Child-Placing Agency for children in foster care. Our mission is to restore abandoned, abused or neglected children by placing them in a community of Christ-centered families, in relationship with the local church, who will care for these children through foster care and adoption.

The Grandberry Intervention Foundation - Houston

Houston, TX 77021 | (713) 644-2600

Since 2007 TGIF has been licensed by the state of Texas to place children for permanent adoption. TGIF partners with Child Protective Services to find adoptive families for children. TGIF provides services for families until adoption is finalized. TGIF also provides post-adoption support, as needed. The entire staff of the TGIF is very proud of all of the Agency’s accomplishments since becoming licensed. Working with an experienced and professional agency provides valuable services for both adoptive and birth parents. TGIF provides guidance, information, and support throughout the adoption process. An agency can also help you to better focus your efforts, which can conserve resources such as time, patience, and money. Since 2004 TGIF, a 501 c (3) Charitable Organization has provided foster care services for children, ages 0-17, in the custody of the state of Texas. TGIF trains and licenses families to provide basic and therapeutic foster care. TGIF also provides excellent professional support to foster families.

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