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Adoption Avenues, Portland OR

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  • Adoption Avenues
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  • 9498 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 305
    Portland, OR 97219
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  • (503) 977-2870
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  • There are a number of reasons why Adoption Avenues should be the agency you choose when embarking on the road to adoption. First of all, because we are committed to creating families and our priority is meeting the needs of orphaned children and the needs of your family. There are many other good reasons you may consider our agency: the Executive Director of Adoption Avenues and the International Program Director, are of Eastern European descent; we were born in Romania and lived and worked there for 35 years. We are both Physicians and we have volunteered many hours working in orphanages in Romania. We had a care center in our home for orphan babies that had been abandoned in the hospital after birth. We have a full understanding of all medical diagnoses and all other issues that orphan children face in the countries that our agency works in. After we came to the US we tried to keep up with the high American education standard so we continued to study: the Executive Director has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, and the International Program Director took the American Medical Licensing Examination. Adoptive parents have to know that the Eastern European medical terminology is different form the American Medical Terminology; same with the psychological evaluation of the child. You need somebody to help you with these difficult issues. This is where our expertise comes in. We are well equipped professionally to deal with the medical and psychological issues of these children in an integrated manner. Our social workers are also highly specialized in international adoption; they have a Master degree in social studies and is well acquainted with International Adoptions. We know more about international adoptions than other adoption agencies that have only heard of these countries from their office computer here in America. It is often the case that other Directors have never lived or traveled in any of the Eastern European, African or South American countries but we did. Therefore, we can give our adoptive parents a wealth of information about all the countries we work in and help them understand that those countries are not like America and they need to adjust to those country's rules and regulations. Because of our heritage and experience it is our pleasure help our adoptive parents and give them guidance on how they need to adjust to that country for the time they will spend there in order to assure a smooth and successful adoption. We have worked and will continue working for these children to find loving families for them with all our hearts and not just for a fee. We travel several times a year to all Eastern European, African and South American countries that we work with and we have in depth knowledge of their customs, life style, orphanages, economic and political issues and adoption processes. The facilitators we work with in these countries are well educated, well trained and ethical professionals. They are knowledgeable about international adoption, reliable and dependable. We have many years of experience of working in international adoption and with orphan children. We have the expertise, the cultural familiarity, the training and a wealth of knowledge that sets us apart from any other adoption agency. We are able to provide you with excellent services. We would like to offer our assistance to make your adoption experience a loving family affair.
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