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Portland Adoption Agencies

We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

Adoption Avenues

Portland, OR 97219 | (503) 977-2870

There are a number of reasons why Adoption Avenues should be the agency you choose when embarking on the road to adoption. First of all, because we are committed to creating families and our priority is meeting the needs of orphaned children and the needs of your family. There are many other good reasons you may consider our agency: the Executive Director of Adoption Avenues and the International Program Director, are of Eastern European descent; we were born in Romania and lived and worked there for 35 years. We are both Physicians and we have volunteered many hours working in orphanages in Romania. We had a care center in our home for orphan babies that had been abandoned in the hospital after birth. We have a full understanding of all medical diagnoses and all other issues that orphan children face in the countries that our agency works in. After we came to the US we tried to keep up with the high American education standard so we continued to study: the Executive Director has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, and the International Program Director took the American Medical Licensing Examination. Adoptive parents have to know that the Eastern European medical terminology is different form the American Medical Terminology; same with the psychological evaluation of the child. You need somebody to help you with these difficult issues. This is where our expertise comes in. We are well equipped professionally to deal with the medical and psychological issues of these children in an integrated manner. Our social workers are also highly specialized in international adoption; they have a Master degree in social studies and is well acquainted with International Adoptions. We know more about international adoptions than other adoption agencies that have only heard of these countries from their office computer here in America. It is often the case that other Directors have never lived or traveled in any of the Eastern European, African or South American countries but we did. Therefore, we can give our adoptive parents a wealth of information about all the countries we work in and help them understand that those countries are not like America and they need to adjust to those country's rules and regulations. Because of our heritage and experience it is our pleasure help our adoptive parents and give them guidance on how they need to adjust to that country for the time they will spend there in order to assure a smooth and successful adoption. We have worked and will continue working for these children to find loving families for them with all our hearts and not just for a fee. We travel several times a year to all Eastern European, African and South American countries that we work with and we have in depth knowledge of their customs, life style, orphanages, economic and political issues and adoption processes. The facilitators we work with in these countries are well educated, well trained and ethical professionals. They are knowledgeable about international adoption, reliable and dependable. We have many years of experience of working in international adoption and with orphan children. We have the expertise, the cultural familiarity, the training and a wealth of knowledge that sets us apart from any other adoption agency. We are able to provide you with excellent services. We would like to offer our assistance to make your adoption experience a loving family affair.

Bethany Christian Services

Portland, OR 97223 | (503) 200-5748

Since 1944, Bethany Christian Services has been reaching out to children who are alone or vulnerable. As a worldwide and community leader in adoption and family services, we know that a child's best chance to thrive is as part of a safe, loving, forever family.

Boys & Girls Aid

Portland, OR 97239 | (503) 222-9661

Boys & Girls Aid serves children 0 to 23 through adoption. We believe that all children, not matter what their age, deserve families that will be their lifelong connection. Whether it is through infant adoption or foster care adoption, we hope that your interest in growing your family is one that leads to happiness and joy.

Catholic Charities Pregnancy Support and Adoption Services

Portland, OR 97202 | (503) 238-5196

Catholic Charities has been placing children in adoptive homes since 1902. Our mission is to support and encourage women to make life-affirming decisions for their unborn children. Since our adoption program is rooted in our Pregnancy Service, most of the children we place are infants. Over the years we have been blessed with exceptional openhearted adoptive parents who genuinely desire a life-long relationship with the birth parents of their adopted children. Our adoptive families are the backbone of our program. We work with families without distinction as to race, color, or creed who are ready for an open adoption. We have found that although many prospective adoptive parents have an initial skepticism about open adoption, once they have received more information and have attended our Orientation class, they heartily endorse and enjoy this respectful and loving form of adoption.

Christian Family Adoptions

Portland, OR 97215 | (503) 232-1211

Changing the World, One Child at a Time

Orphans Overseas

Portland, OR 97229 | (503) 297-2006

Orphans Overseas is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For 22 years we have worked around the world supporting orphan care initiatives, including early childhood development, rescue care for abandoned infants, support programs for single mothers, family reunification support, domestic & intercountry adoption, and orphanage education projects.

Tree of Life Adoption Center

Portland, OR 97206 | (503) 244-7374

Tree of Life Adoption Center is a licensed nonprofit, Hague accredited adoption agency dedicated to assisting and supporting families on their adoption journey. We are familiar with the process and emotions of bringing a family together. Our goal is to be available to teach and encourage families as they walk the path towards touching a child's heart. We are dedicated to finding loving homes for the orphaned and abandoned children of the world. We also assist children in need by providing humanitarian aid including food, shelter, and medical care. So that you know us better; our central office is located in beautiful Portland Oregon. We are dual licensed to work also in the state of Washington. We are a “full service” agency who if you live in either Oregon or Washington, we can provide one of our social worker’s for the purposes of completing a home study. If you desire, we can then further serve as your “placing agency” or the agency that actually completes your adoption. We work with families from all across the USA and US citizens living abroad. In some country programs we are also allowed to represent ‘non US citizens”. Our passion for children and families comes from many sources; some of us were born, raised and educated in Eastern Europe; our commitment comes of a result of our heritage to help others in countries where we grew up. Some of our motivation comes from a personal experience of knowing that the conditions of the children can be improved…….if only some one will risk time and effort to let other’s know there is a need. Some of us are “adopted”, “disrupted”, “adoptive parents”, “mothers”, “fathers” or simply “humans” that know that children are the very heart of why families can and do come together in many different ways. Some of us are only peaceful at the end of a day when we know we have made ourselves available to teach about the potential for adding to families through adoption. We pride ourselves on being approachable and willing to make ourselves available as needed; welcome to Tree of Life; please let us know how we can help you most.

Open Adoption & Family Services - Portland

Portland, OR 97239 | (503) 226-4870

Open Adoption & Family Services, (OA&FS), is a private, nonprofit adoption agency with a progressive approach to building healthy families. We're pro-choice, dedicated to promoting reproductive choices; offer free all-options pregnancy counseling to women and couples; plan adoptions at no cost to birthparents and offer lifelong services for our clients. OA&FS is the first and only agency in the Pacific Northwest founded on the philosophy of openness in adoption. We do more domestically-born newborn placements than any other agency in the region. Our first office opened in Eugene, Oregon in 1985. We're now licensed in both Oregon and Washington and provide services throughout the entire United States. Our offices are located in Seattle, Portland and Eugene. We're also part of an innovative partnership with Friends in Adoption - the National Pro-Choice Adoption Collaborative. From this platform our agencies work with attorneys nationwide to build a solid foundation for the children of adoption, as well as enriching the birth and adoptive parents' experience.

Hearts of Fire Counseling and Adoption Services

Portland, OR 97221 | (503) 246-1918

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