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Forever Families, Inc., Livonia MI

  • Agency Name
  • Forever Families, Inc.
  • Agency Location
  • 17940 Farmington Road, #301
    Livonia, MI 48152
  • Contact Phone
  • (734) 762-0909
  • Contact Name
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Infant and Domestic Adoptions; International Adoptions; State Ward National Ward Program
  • Description
  • “Giving Children Families Forever,” is more than just our motto or catch phrase. It is who we are at Forever Families, Inc. We are experienced, skilled and believe in who we are and the quality of services we provide. Forever Families is a non-profit licensed adoption placement and foster care agency, committed to providing the highest standards in adoption opportunities, with continuous support, adoption preparation and interventions.
  • Adoption Process
  • DOMESTIC ADOPTIONS: Domestic adoption laws in Michigan changed in 1994, and Direct Placement (or Direct Consent) adoptions became legal. This new legal process eliminated adoption waiting lists. Now a birth parent seeking to place a child in an adoptive home can pick from a pool of adoptive parents and can legally transfer custody of the child after birth to the adoptive parents. Adoptive parents, in turn, will also sign a legal document that accepts this custody. Adoptive parents are able to have their child placed with them directly after birth; foster care is not necessary. An adoption petition along with supporting legal documents are then submitted to a Circuit-Family Court in the county where the adoptive parents reside. Most often a hearing is scheduled within 30 days of placement and parental rights are terminated. A formal adoption placement order is also issued at this time. This will begin six months of supervision for the adoptive parents and child. This has nothing to do with parental rights. Supervision consists of two home visits (every three months) between an adoption specialist and the family. A report is generated and presented to the Court to ensure adjustment is going well. At the end of the supervision period, presentation to the Court is made and finalization of the adoption is requested. The adoption process, of course, may vary depending on where the birth parent lives as opposed to the adoptive parents, or if the adoption involves an out of state placement. INTERNATIONAL ADOPTIONS: International adoptions have become very popular in recent years, as children ranging in age from three months and up have become available for adoption placement. Many parents enter international adoption programs because the need is great and the programs are successful. Once adoptive parents enter into this program, their goal of adopting children is usually successful within a predictable period of time, depending on the country. There are, however, many vari
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