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Graceful Adoptions LLC, West Des Moines IA

  • Agency Name
  • Graceful Adoptions LLC
  • Agency Location
  • 3408 Woodland Avenue, Suite 201
    West Des Moines, IA 50266
  • Contact Phone
  • (877) 628-1415
  • Contact Name
  • Karen Nissly
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Adoption
  • Description
  • Everyone involved with adoptions - directly or indirectly - understands that adoption is an emotional process with many uncertainties, twists, and turns. Challenges always exist during adoption…what matters is how we handle the challenges. As your partner, it is the mission of Graceful Adoptions to deliver services with kindness, respect, honesty, and integrity. By staying focused on our mission, the adoption experience really will be the personal experience it should be.
  • Adoption Process
  • Step One - Complete your Home Study. An adoption Home Study is a legal requirement for any adoption and must be completed through an organization in your state licensed to complete Home Studies. This can be the longest part of the process so starting early is the smart thing to do.Once your Home Study is complete, send a signed and notarized original, along with all the supporting documents, to Graceful Adoptions. Step Two - Complete Graceful Adoptions’ Application and Submit the Application Fee. Graceful Adoption’s Application provides Adoptive Parents the flexibility to request the race, age, gender, family medical conditions and uterine exposure to drugs and alcohol of a child they feel comfortable parenting. Once activated, this information is used create a match between adoptive parents and parents placing a child for adoption. Step Three - Application Interview. During the Application Interview, the prospective adoptive parents and Graceful Adoptions’ Service Director talk about preparedness for the life-long commitment of adoption. This is a good time to review expectations to ensure we are the right agency for you. Step Four - Complete Graceful Adoptions’ Activation Documents. The activation documents include Graceful Adoptions’ Agency Agreement; Processes, Procedures and Guidelines; Insurance Affidavit and the Family Activation Fee. Once the activation documents are completed and returned, it’s time to work on your Family Profile. Step Five - Complete the Family Profile. Graceful Adoptions’ Family Profile template and dropbox for pictures makes it easy to provide the information needed to develop the adoptive parents’ profile. All profiles are professionally designed and edited, and approved by the family prior to finalization. Once completed, the Family Profile is used to present the adoptive family to parents considering adoption for their child. Step Six - Complete the Match Process. Based on the mother’s preferences, adoptive parent pr
  • District Office
  • District Office Phone

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