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KidsFirst Adoption Services, LLC, Indianapolis IN

  • Agency Name
  • KidsFirst Adoption Services, LLC
  • Agency Location
  • 9135 North Meridian Street, Suite B-4
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Contact Phone
  • (317) 843-2300
  • Contact Name
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • International Adoption; Domestic Adoption
  • Description
  • KidsFirst Adoption Services, LLC. (KFAS) is an Indiana licensed, private adoption agency founded in 1998 by Inna and Steven Pecar. Inna immigrated to the United States from Ukraine in 1991. She has a Master's degree in social work. Her husband, Steven Pecar, is a U.S.-born attorney. KidsFirst began operations in March of 1999, and has continuously placed (or assisted in the placement of) children since. KidsFirst International Adoption, Inc. (KFIA) is a non-profit adoption agency licensed in 2006 to provide adoption services in accordance with the "Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption". KFIA primarily provides adoption services for the placement of children from "Convention" countries, including but not limited to Bulgaria. KFIA is a licensed child-placing agency in the state of Indiana. Although KFIA has primary responsibility over placements from "Convention" countries, (with full disclosure to our clients) KFAS may, in some cases, provide some of the necessary adoption services with KFIA. The fees involved in these adoptions will not be affected, although some of the amounts disclosed may be paid directly to KFAS. KidsFirst Adoption Services and KidsFirst International Adoption were formed to assist in the placement of children in qualified, loving homes. We currently work extensively with families adopting children from Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and the United States. We have also assisted families adopting from numerous other countries. KFAS and KFIA are looking to open new adoption programs, and are excited to bring new opportunities to waiting children and families.
  • Adoption Process
  • Domestic Adoption Process: 1. Agency consultation - You will meet with our agency director and staff to learn about the program and determine what is best for your family. You will learn about open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. Afterwards, you will begin to formulate your adoption plan, and understand your specific role in the adoption process. 2. Agency application and completion of a Home Study - This can be completed by KidsFirst, a licensed social worker, and/or another licensed home study agency. Your final agency approval is contingent upon the recommendation for approval that is issued by your home study agent. Your social worker should be able to advise you of your state’s policies regarding approval. You may also complete an education on birth family issues, adoptee issues, and adoptive parenting. 3. Matching - Once your home study is approved and your dossier is complete, you are ready to be matched with a potential birth mother. The first step in the matching process is to clarify your child preference. It is important to be honest with yourself, and with your caseworker, in identifying the child you would like to adopt. It will be helpful to make an inventory of what you are hoping for in a child. You can prioritize the most important characteristics: i.e., social/health status of the birth mother, race, etc. Although we try to reasonably honor your preferences, please be advised that if your list of criteria is too restrictive, you will significantly narrow your options for referral. There needs to be a mutual level of comfort between the birth family and the adoptive family. You should clarify with your caseworker what your preferences are concerning an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. In an open adoption, identifying information is fully disclosed, and contact between the birth family and adoptive family is frequent and continuous, depending on the agreement between the families. In a closed adoption, all identifying informat
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