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Adoption Support Center, Inc., Indianapolis IN

  • Agency Name
  • Adoption Support Center, Inc.
  • Agency Location
  • 6331 North Carrollton Avenue
    Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Contact Phone
  • (317) 255-5916
  • Contact Name
  • Julie Craft
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Adoption Services
  • Description
  • Julie Craft co-founded the Adoption Support Center in 1986, two years after she adopted her daughter, Lauren. She had experienced “secondary infertility” after three miscarriages and finally the delivery of biological daughter, Lindsey, six years earlier. The experience of adoption proved so rewarding, she wanted everyone to enjoy it and started the agency. The Center is based on all the things Julie wished she had had in her experience. Things like getting to meet her daughter’s birth mom, being in labor and delivery, sharing pictures and letters over the years, visiting and having medical and background information on Lauren as she raised her. Julie hoped to help adoptive couples put themselves in a birth mother’s shoes and feel the power of the decision she was considering. She also wanted birth mothers to put themselves in the adoptive couple’s shoes, and understand how hard it was to give their hearts to a birth mom with the hopes she would choose them as parents for her baby. She wanted the “golden rule” of adoption…honesty, compassion, comfort and excitement. The true meaning of adoption at ASC.
  • Adoption Process
  • District Office
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