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Ariel Clinical Services, Grand Junction CO

  • Agency Name
  • Ariel Clinical Services
  • Agency Location
  • 2938 North Avenue, Suite G
    Grand Junction, CO 81504
  • Contact Phone
  • (866) 245-1616
  • Contact Name
  • Kathy McKoy
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Adoption
  • Description
  • Ariel Clinical Services is dedicated to finding permanent, loving families for infants and children and works diligently to support all those who are involved in the adoption process. We help find forever families for children in foster care through our public or "Waiting Child" adoption program. We also facilitate private newborn adoptions and provide free, caring and supportive counseling and support to birth parents and expectant parents who are considering adoption for their infants. Ariel Clinical Services believes that there is no single definition of “family.” We are proud to offer our domestic adoption services to everyone 21 or older, regardless of marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic background, home ownership, income or education. We believe that all qualified families should be able to adopt and that fees should not be an impediment to becoming a parent. We are dedicated to providing families with the highest level of service for the most affordable fees. We do not do international adoptions.
  • Adoption Process
  • 1. Orientation: Ariel Clinical Services offers orientation meetings at which you can learn more about our specific program, services, and requirements. At this meeting we will provide you with our application packet. 2. Home Study: After you submit your application, we will complete background checks and a home study, which must occur before you can be approved to adopt. The process of conducting a home study is our agency’s way of getting to know you and ensuring that your home is safe and appropriate for a child. 3. Matching: Once your home study is approved, we will start looking to match you with a child. We will help you develop a profile that can be shown to birth parents or the Department of Human Services with custody of the child (depending on the type of adoption you are pursuing). We will provide you with all available information about the child and his or her family background before you decide whether to accept the child for adoption. 4. Placement and Post-Placement Supervision: We will be with you every step of the way and will be there to support you when your child is placed with you. After placement we will continue to support and stay in contact with you to ensure that the placement is successful. 5. Adoption Finalization: There are legal requirements for finalizing the adoption, including relinquishment or termination of the birth parents' rights. Ariel and/or the placing county will provide you with information and forms required to finalize the adoption, and we will attend your finalization hearing with you. 6. Post-Adoption Counseling: Adoption is a life-long process. We provide counseling and support services (directly or through referrals) to you, the birth parent and you child for as long as services are needed.
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