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Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc., Colorado Springs CO

  • Agency Name
  • Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc.
  • Agency Location
  • 4356 Montebello Dr Ste 25545
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
  • Contact Phone
  • (719) 243-5171
  • Contact Name
  • Maria Spencer
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Adoption
  • Description
  • The mission of the Agency is to find loving families and safe homes for orphaned children and to provide the best consulting services available to birth parents prior and post placement. We believe that the child is the most important part of the adoption. Adopt Triad’s mission is to serve the Children by providing the professional and personal adoption services to families, counseling to all clients, and the most education possible to families. Adopt Triad has a primary duty to find suitable homes for children who have been legally relinquished by their birth parents, and or abandoned for the purpose of adoption. This agency will follow all the regulations of the state, federal and foreign governments. Adopt Triad has a duty to help “hard to place children” for adoption. We also seek to assist other agencies in their humanitarian efforts both here and abroad. Adopt Triad has a duty to provide on-going training for staff, board members , families and birth parents to keep them knowledgeable about adoption. Adopt Triad will only work with responsible agencies, who provide services for children and their birth families.
  • Adoption Process
  • First Step: When you Contact the agency regarding adoption, an information phone call or information appointment set for you to sit with a Triad consultant one on one and learn the adoption process. This can be done in person, on the telephone or with informal information meeting held monthly. During these meetings the following will be covered: Application process, Fees, What is to be expected for the home study process?, Education, Placement, Post placement services, Finalization of the adoption. Second Step: You will then be asked to fill out our application, and submit it with an application fee of $500.00. Upon approval of your application, you will be assigned a social worker along with an information packet that includes a step by step check list to help make the process simple and stress free. It is important at this point to complete check list, which includes finger prints and background checks. Your Social Worker will begin family your assessment according to the appropriate SAFE home study format, which will cover all topics necessary to meet the State Department’s current regulations. Third Step: Appointments will be made for 3 interviews, one being in your home. At the same time you will be completing the required documents needs for the home study, these documents must be completed and reviewed before the home study can be approved. Fourth Step: Colorado requires all adoptive families to complete adoption education. You will be invited to attend a CORE adoption education class. These classes will be held at the offices of Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. or if the group is too large, a library will be utilized. These classes will be held as needed. For a Domestic adoption you will be required to attend 16 hours and for International 24 hours. Becoming a Love and Logic Parent classes are offered every three months, all are welcome. See our monthly calendar for class dates and times. Core classes are open to anyone, Triad clients or not. Classes are held
  • District Office
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