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Adoption Dreams Come True, Fort Collins CO

  • Agency Name
  • Adoption Dreams Come True
  • Agency Location
  • 316 W Mulberry St.
    Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • Contact Phone
  • (970) 493-2557
  • Contact Name
  • Cindy Sarai
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Adoption
  • Description
  • Adoption Dreams Come True and its staff believes that adoption can be a truly wonderful experience for all involved. We believe that each situation is unique and aim to serve clients on an individual and personalized level to create happy, healthy and life long families. Adoption Dreams Come True believes that children, first and foremost, deserve loving, safe and permanent homes. Adoption Dreams Come True and its staff work to make this dream come true by providing truthful, complete and compassionate counseling to birth parents to aid in the important decision around unplanned pregnancies. We offer understanding and education to create a positive adoption experience for families who have a strong desire to parent. Adoption Dreams Come True strongly supports the concept of open adoption. An open adoption can benefit an adopted child and offers a lifetime of answers and understanding to the adoption triad; birthparents, adoptive parents and children. We will work to individualize adoption plans and to honor each client’s wish for a successful adoption whether it is open, semi-open or closed.
  • Adoption Process
  • Consultation; Application; Acceptance; Education; Homestudy; Portfolio development; Presentation of portfolio to birth parents; Introduction of birth and adoptive parents; Counseling support for adoptive and birth parent prior to birth of the child; Hospital support; Placement of the child; Post placement supervision; Legal relinquishment, termination and finalization; Interstate Compact if applicable
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