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ABOUT A CHILD, Redwood City CA

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  • 479 TILLER LN.
    REDWOOD CITY, CA 94065
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  • (650) 596-2816
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  • Adoption: International Adoption
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  • About A Child is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian international adoption agency licensed in the state of Iowa, with an additonal registered facilitator office in California. First and foremost we see ourselves as a charitable organization whose goals and mission are as important as ethical practices, high professionalism and unwavering commitment needed to reach our goals and fulfill our mission. We are a team of people whose lives were touched by orphans from all corners of the world. We cannot remain indifferent to despicable living conditions and bleak futures of these children. We want to help at least a few,and give hope to many. Otherwise, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We founded this charitable organization to find others with the same goal. Together we can make a bigger difference in the lives of these children. We called our organization About A Child. We hope you take some time to read about every child who needs some medical assistance, orsponsorship, or a present, or a family. Please consider making someone’s dream come true.
  • Adoption Process
  • Stage I: Research and Decision-Making. Before diving into an adoption process, it helps to read, research, and talk to as many people as you can about their experiences to understand whether international adoption is for you. Evaluate domestic and international adoption processes and compare the two. If you feel the rewards of international adoption - typically quicker process, irrevocable finalization abroad, choosing your own child and sometimes even saving a life - outweigh the risks, it’s time to evaluate in more detail what is involved. Different countries pose different requirements and constraints, so it is best to choose a few that fit you best and establish an order of preference. Your evaluation criteria might be: Country requirements. Some countries restrict foreign adoptive parent candidates based on age, health, marital status, etc. The first question in evaluating a country program is whether you would qualify. Children available. If you are looking for an infant or newborn, many countries may not be an option as children there might be unavailable for international adoption at birth or be adopted domestically at a young age. Of course, ethnicity and gender of the desired child may also affect your choice of country programs. Time involved. Are you willing to wait for a year or more to bring a child home? How many trips can you make and how long can you stay abroad to finalize the adoption without sacrificing your job? Today, some countries require adoptive parents to stay several weeks in-country to complete the adoption, while others still offer escort options. Finances involved. Everyone agrees international adoption is costly, though many compare the cost of adoption to that of a new car and for them there is no question as to what is more valuable. But all families have different budgets. It may cost $2,000 to $4,000 to compile a dossier (a package of documents sent to foreign authorities to process your adoption, including home study and immigr
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