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International Child Foundation, Tucson AZ

  • Agency Name
  • International Child Foundation
  • Agency Location
  • 11449 N Mandarin Ln
    Tucson, AZ 85737
  • Contact Phone
  • (520) 531-9931
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  • Services Offered
  • Adoption
  • Description
  • At ICF, we believe our destiny as humans rests on our ability to love each other as brothers and sisters. Adoption creates families from across the US and many parts of the globe, mixing heritage and culture, bringing the world together. Adoption expands our identities and widens our horizons. International Child Foundation is an Arizona state licensed and Hague Accredited non-profit adoption agency providing international and domestic adoption services. We serve children who need families throughout the US and all over the world.
  • Adoption Process
  • 1. Read the program information on the website then call us for a phone consultation. We can orient you to the adoption process, explains the risks, your rights as an adoptive parents and answer your questions. If we cannot provide a particular country or program as an appropriate match for your family, we may be able to recommend other agencies as potential resources. 2. Start your home study as soon as your have decided on your country and your adoption services provider. Note: The home study is a separate process than the adoption and families often use one agency as a home study provider and another agency to provide the actual adoption services. 3. When your home study is complete you may apply to USCIS via the I-600a form for non-Hague adoptions or via the I-800a form for Hague Convention adoptions. 4. Prepare your dossier documents. 5. Wait for the referral of your child from the foreign country. 6. Generally familes visit the foreign country to meet their child referral and may be required to travel twice or even three times. For example, once to meet the child and formalize acceptance of their referral, then a second trip to be present at court, and then a third trip to bring their child home. Some countries require only one trip; others may require two or three. Some countries will permit children to travel home escorted rather than having the parents travel for another trip, but most do not allow this. 7. The final step is a meeting at the US Embassy with your child, prior to being granted the child’s visa to travel to the US. 8. Arrive in the US and, if your child is traveling on an IR-3 or IH-3 visa then he or she an automatically a citizen upon arrival in the US. If your child is traveling on an IR-4 visa, then you are required to “re-adopt” or “finalize your adoption” in your state of residence. 9. Post placement reports (also called post adoption reports) are due at intervals for one to eighteen years after the adoption. This is a
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