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Covenant Kids - Arlington Office, Arlington TX

  • Agency Name
  • Covenant Kids - Arlington Office
  • Agency Location
  • 320 Westway, Suite 530
    Arlington, TX 76018
  • Contact Phone
  • (817) 516-9100
  • Contact Name
  • Yolanda Deaton
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Foster-to-Adopt; Matched Adoption; Foster Care
  • Description
  • Covenant Kids was born in the living room of Bill and Karen Lund. They had a vision to create a ministry where they could honor God by serving the needs of abused and neglected children. Bill and Karen have many years of experience working with adults and children with special needs, and Karen has clinical experience as a registered nurse. They have a passion for children who are in need of safe and loving homes are driven to ensure that each child has a family to call their own. The Lunds raised their family in Arlington, and their two adult children, Jessica and Daniel, are active within the Covenant Kids organization. Today, the Lunds’ mission has developed into an exciting, growing agency. They have developed a professional team with many years of experience working with individuals with special needs. The agency has blossomed into one of the largest providers of foster care and adoption in North Texas. The Lunds continue to be active in the day-to-day operations of the organization, and they hold every area to the highest standards. They actively recruit families and staff who share in their vision of serving children with excellence. They continually expand the scope of the agency to provide additional services, and they rely on God to direct the path of the agency, leading the company to a reputation of excellence and integrity. The Lunds not only want to provide homes for children in need, but they also want to leave a positive, lasting influence on every child who in entrusted into the care of Covenant Kids. They hope that each child will build self-confidence, conduct themselves with integrity, and have the tools to develop into productive citizens with high moral character. Adoption is a beautiful thing! When a child is in need of a permanent, loving, stable family, Covenant Kids families lead the pack in offering the most outstanding, forever, families for children who come from hard places. Covenant Kids is a licensed contract provider for adoption services with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), finding permanent homes for children who have been removed from their family due to abuse or neglect that are unable to return to their biological families.
  • Adoption Process
  • The Foster-to-Adopt Process: 1. A foster family receives a child into their home for a temporary placement with the plan for the child to be reunified with their birth family. 2. If the birth family is not able to successfully complete their birth plan within the 12-18 months granted by the court, and appropriate relatives are not identified to take custody of the child, the parental rights most likely be terminated. 3. Once the parental rights have been terminated and a 90 day appeal period has passed, the child is considered to be legally free for adoption. 4. A foster family that is also verified for adoption usually receives the first option to adopt a child that becomes legally free for adoption and is placed in their home. 5. The Covenant Kids Case Manager will work with the family to complete required documentation and ensure that the child has been in the home for at least six months. 6. The adoption is legally finalized!; The Matched Adoption Process: 1. Covenant Kids submits the final homestudy for a family approved by the agency to be considered for children that are legally free for adoption. The family can search the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE) at www.adoptchildren.org and contact Covenant Kids about children they are interested in. Also, Covenant Kids advocates on behalf of the family with CPS to locate children who match the family’s criteria. In both cases, Covenant Kids communicates with CPS regarding the family’s interest in the child and submits the family’s home study and life book to the CPS worker. 2. CPS staff and advocates for the child review the homestudies for all families interested in adopting the child to select a panel of families that appear to be the best candidates. 3. If your family is considered to be a good match for the child, CPS and Covenant Kids will work togehter to evaluate the unique needs of the particular child and your family’s ability to meet the child’s needs. 4. The selected family will then re
  • District Office
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