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Mid-South Adoptions, Inc., Memphis TN

  • Agency Name
  • Mid-South Adoptions, Inc.
  • Agency Location
  • 5244 Cole Road
    Memphis, TN 38120
  • Contact Phone
  • (901) 682-1242
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Comment from Memphis Mama : We adopted our beautiful son in April of 2019 - just a few weeks after we broke our contract with Mid-South Adoptions. Thank God we found the right path to parenthood- as this company/human is not it. I highly recommend looking into other orgs like Meritan for your home study. It’s less expensive and not nearly as invasive- our Meritan case worker was lovely and took the time to teach and share with a helpful approach throughout the study- pre and post placement. The only thing we got from MS was a suggestion for our adoption agency, which ended up being a nice fit. Unless you enjoy being spoken to like a dog, judged, manipulated and having ridiculous accusations thrown at you because of your medical history - all while losing money - stay away. I had been in professional situations with this human previously and witnessed her elitist behavior on multiple occasions. It’s on me that I didn’t know better from the beginning, given that her hateful attitude was well known in committees and in the community. Feel free to PM me if you need more insight. This WILL happen for you- luckily engaging with her was our only hiccup. There are better options!

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