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Life Choices of Memphis, Inc, Memphis TN

  • Agency Name
  • Life Choices of Memphis, Inc
  • Agency Location
  • 5575 Raleigh-LaGrange
    Memphis, TN 38134
  • Contact Phone
  • (901) 388-1172
  • Contact Name
  • Judy McLaughlin
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Adoption Services; Medical Services; Counseling Services
  • Description
  • In 1986, Life Choices began its ministry to women facing the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy. Our first call was from a young woman who wasn't even sure how she found the number. She simply said, "I think I'm pregnant. Can you help me?". That first phone call ignited our passion at Life Choices. We exist to help those women who are asking the same question our first client asked so long ago. "Can you help me?" Our priority at Life Choices is to truthfully answer women's questions with the respect and dignity we feel all women deserve - regardless of their ultimate decision. In 1987, Life Choices became a state-licensed child-placing agency and has seen more than 225 women complete adoption plans for their infants. We hold positions of leadership in the West Tennessee Council of Adoption Agencies and the Adoption Center of the Mid-South. One of our adoption clients recently wrote, "Yes, sometimes when I think about my daughter, I'm sad. But then I think of how happy she is and how faithful the family is in sending pictures and letters, and I know I made the right decision for both of us." In 2007, Life Choices converted into a medical clinic, including diagnostic pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasound under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor and on-site registered nursing staff.For women who choose to make a life-affirming decision in their pregnancy, we offer counseling to help her make a positive plan for both she and her baby. If she chooses to end the pregnancy and they experience issues that they feel are related to that decision, we offer post abortion counseling by our trained staff of counselors. Life Choices is committed to provide a non-judgmental and Christ-like environment designed to educate and empower women to make life-affirming decisions. The vision of Life Choices is to strategically change the procurement of abortion by providing intervention, education, and support services for women and families in crisis and by raising awareness in the community as to the obstacles we face and the opportunities available in addressing pro-life issues. Life Choices believes adoption to be a godly and biblically-rooted concept. We believe that adoption is a life-affirming option for a woman experiencing an unintended pregnancy, as well as a desirable way for a couple to build their family. Because we realize that adoption is not the right decision for all of our clients, we do not encourage adoption over parenting. Instead, we trust that God will reveal his best plan to the biological parents to whom the child has been entrusted. Life Choices believes that birth families choosing adoption are to be commended for their maturity and sacrificial love. In order to provide the compassionate care and support to all members of the child’s birth family, Life Choices has trained counselors available for the entire family unit who may also experience the loss upon releasing a child for adoption. Life Choices believes that adopting a child should be financially accessible and that potential adoptive families should be treated with respect and compassion. At Life Choices, families will find that our professional staff is available to help lower the frustration levels that are often associated with the adoption process. We will strive to educate families about adoption and keep them as informed as possible throughout the process. Life Choices believes adoption to be a permanent, covenant relationship between both the adoptive family and the child, as well as the adoptive family and the birth family. Along with Life Choices, the birth family and adoptive family work together, always keeping the child's best interests in the forefront when making the arrangements for the placement and afterwards. Life Choices is committed to foster an atmosphere of mutual cooperation, respect, and love throughout the adoption process.
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