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Heaven Sent Children Adoption, Murfreesboro TN

  • Agency Name
  • Heaven Sent Children Adoption
  • Agency Location
  • 1800 South Rutherford Blvd., Suite 201
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130
  • Contact Phone
  • (615) 898-0803
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  • Services Offered
  • Domestic Adoption: Private adoption through Heaven Sent Children, Interstate adoptions, Independent adoptions, Foster adoptions/public agency adoptions, Embryo adoption; Intercountry Adoption
  • Description
  • Heaven Sent Children Adoption, founded in 1991, was established to provide the promotion of healthy adoptive family life through education, resources, counseling, advocacy and support services. Heaven Sent Children Adoption believes that every child should have a loving home prepared to meet their needs emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. Heaven Sent Children Adoption, a Middle Tennessee adoption agency, is comprised of four experienced adoption professionals, all of whom are also parents through adoption. Our staff believes deeply in supplying our clients with best practice social work to prepare them for the needs of their adopted child and family after their child’s placement. This begins with a cooperative, trusting relationship between worker and client during the home study process. It is our goal to know our clients well, so that we can best advocate for them, assist them through the process and be there for them in times of need even after an adoption is complete. Adoption is a lifelong process. Who you choose to work with is important.
  • Adoption Process
  • THE PROCESS FOR DOMESTIC ADOPTION: 1. Send us your completed application with your $200 application fee. 2. Complete the home study with Heaven Sent Children. The home study is a 10-12 page written report that tells about you and your family. The document includes sections on each member of the family, marriage, medical, employment, financial, description of the home, arrest record (if any), religion, attitudes towards children, discipline, and counseling for adoption. Typically, 4 visits are required and each visit is about 2-3 hours in duration. Your Adoption Counselor may recommend that you attend classes, support groups, and read articles/books on adoption to better prepare you for the journey of adoption. 3. Prepare a birth parent profile booklet with the assistance of your Adoption Counselor. 4. Once a prospective family is approved, the wait for a match with a birth mother/birth parents begins. Length of time for matching varies and is dependent on the decisions of the birth parents and the requirements for the family regarding race, gender, alcohol/drug use during pregnancy, and openness in adoption. 5. Families may choose to work with a larger placing agency to increase their opportunities for domestic placement. Your Adoption Counselor can share information on out-of-state adoption agencies that will accept your home study and assist with an interstate adoption. 6. There may be contact with the birth parent prior to placement. The child is typically placed with the family from the hospital. For interstate adoptions there is the additional step of processing the child and birth mother’s documents for adoption. The paperwork must be reviewed and approved by the sending state and the State of Tennessee. 7. Arrangements will be made by the agency for placement of the child in the adoptive home immediately after the birth of the child. 8. If a family is completing an interstate adoption, they must stay in the child’s birth State for up to two weeks whil
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