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World Links International Adoption Agency, Scranton PA

  • Agency Name
  • World Links International Adoption Agency
  • Agency Location
  • 418 Jefferson Ave.
    Scranton, PA 18510
  • Contact Phone
  • (570) 344-8890
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  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • International Adoptions: Bulgarian Program; Georgia Program; Latvia Program; Ukraine Program
  • Description
  • Hundreds of children found permanent loving families through our programs. Thousands more are waiting. This could be your first ever glance into international adoption, or you may know just about everything there is to know about it, but be it the former or the latter - you are a hero in our eyes. Every day we work hard to find families for children, and everyone who opens their heart, who shares their love, who welcomes a child into their family is both a hero, and a parent. Being a parent doesn’t get enough credit lately, but it should. Being a good parent is hard work, but that eternal bond that you build with your child, that sparkle in her eyes when she talks to you, that feeling of being a family is what makes it all worth it. That is what our families tell us, and that is what makes us work even harder every day. We know that there are more children waiting, and there are more parents anxious to fill that void in their heart, and they trust us to help them find each other. Children depend on us. You depend on us. We never take that trust for granted.
  • Adoption Process
  • Bulgarian Adoption Process: Step 1. Talk to us. Step 2. Home study. Step 3. Getting documents together. Step 4. Working with the Bulgarian side. Step 5. Waiting for referral. Step 6. Accepting referral, meeting your child, and more paperwork. Step 7. Court, and more. Step 8. There and back - This is it, home stretch. You need to fly to Bulgaria, meet with your child, get all of the paperwork, go to the US Embassy there to get a visa (follow the procedure, which also includes a medical exam of the child), and once all of your documents are in order... FLY HOME!; Georgia Adoption Process: Step 1. Give us a call. Step 2. Send us your application. Step 3. Home study. Step 4. Getting documents together for your registration package. Step 5. Getting a referral. Step 6. Travel. Step 7. Finalize the adoption; Latvian Adoption Process: Step 1: Submit your application. Step 2: Get your Hague home study. Step 3: Documents Step 4: Referral. Step 5: First trip - Now things get really exciting! Before it was us, phones, and paperwork, but now you get to travel to Latvia to meet with your prospective adoptive child. Latvia established a 3 week bonding period, during which you and the child spend time together. We will arrange for the Orphan Court approved accommodations (safe for the child), where you will stay with the child, and where you’ll be visited by the social worker. This social worker will observe your interactions with the child and make a determination if this adoption is in the best interest of the child. Also, this is when the Latvian Court decides if it is going to grant you a permission to continue your pre-adoption care period for your child in the United States. If their decision is positive, you’ll be able to travel back home with your prospective adoptive child. Step 6: Back in the USA - You are back home and your prospective adoptive child is with you. It’s not the end though, but it’s a good midpoint for the process. Now you (well, us) will work on so
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