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Edwin Gould Services for Children & Families, Inc. - Foster Care and Adoption Se, Brooklyn NY

  • Agency Name
  • Edwin Gould Services for Children & Families, Inc. - Foster Care and Adoption Se
  • Agency Location
  • 151 Lawrence St, 5th Fl
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Contact Phone
  • (212) 437-3540
  • Contact Name
  • License Number
  • Services Offered
  • Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Description
  • The Foster Care and Adoption Department ensures that each child in our care is placed in a safe and nurturing environment while awaiting a stable, loving and permanent home. We work towards reuniting children with their birth family or, when this is not possible, to find adoptive homes or independent living arrangements for young adults. Providing services to children whose birth parents are unable to care for them has been central to our mission since our founding over 75 years ago. Our community-based foster care services serve thirteen community districts in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan. Children in our care are placed in loving, stable homes as we work with their birth families to resolve the issues that brought their children into care. When children are unable to return home and the court has determined that adoption is the next step, we work to find a permanent home through adoption. In many cases, the child’s foster family is able to adopt them. When that is not possible, we must then find a loving adoptive home. Children in our care receive a comprehensive range of services including: medical screenings, mental health evaluations and services, developmental screenings and referrals, groups for teens, and case management. All children deserve safe, nurturing permanent families who can provide an unconditional, lasting commitment to them. Our charge is to make that happen. We engage a network of support, inclusive of community and family members, to empower birth parents to successfully and safely reunify their families and, to reduce the length of time that their children spend in foster care. We will also work closely with birth parents to identify individuals within their own families or social networks who can be a resource for their child. Finally, we recruit loving, committed families to become foster or adoptive resources to the children in our care.
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