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Adoption Assistance Agency, Albuquerque NM

  • Agency Name
  • Adoption Assistance Agency
  • Agency Location
  • 2800 Eubank Blvd. NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87112
  • Contact Phone
  • (505) 821-7779
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  • Adoption Services
  • Description
  • Adoption Assistance Agency exists to help children join families who will love, nurture, protect and embrace them for a lifetime. We believe it is our heavenly Father who creates families and we have seen Him faithfully create so many loving adoptive families. Our non-profit identity enables us to raise charitable funds to accomplish many signifant and worthwhile goals. The first is to defray the costs of birthmothers who plan an adoption and then change their mind. This enables the adoptive family to have their birthmother expense fee apply to another adoption, rather than losing that fee. In addition to helping children find their loving families, we strive to help families of limited means through charitable funds who can only have children through the expensive option of adoption. We offer nurturing, education, counseling, and support for families struggling to overcome challenges. We provide community education for those working with women so that women who become pregnant may have access to full information and make loving, life-giving choices for their children. Women and men who make the courageous and loving choice of placing their child for adoption through Adoption Assistance can receive counseling for issues related to the adoption until the child is 18 as long as the agency is in business.
  • Adoption Process
  • Adoption Process for Adoptive Parents: All people wanting to adopt an unrelated child must have a Pre-Placement Study (also called homestudy). Sometimes relatives and stepparents must also have a Pre-Placement Study to adopt a child. It is best to check with a licensed adoption agency, licensed adoption provider or an attorney to see if a Pre-Placement Study is needed. Only agencies and individuals appropriately educated and licensed to provide adoption services may do Pre-Placement Studies, matching for adoption, birthparent counseling and post placement supervision of an adoption. A normal agency adoption by a NM family of a child born in New Mexico through Adoption Assistance Agency, is about $20,500, which includes the application fee, the Pre-Placement Study, the Listing Fee, the Birthmother Expense Fee and the Placement Fee. It does not include legal fees. A Pre-Placement Study takes about 3-4 months to complete. The family has some control over part of the time frame for the homestudy. If approved through the Pre-Placement Study process, the adoptive family will prepare a photo album to be used to introduce them to prospective birthparents. They will be able to view other albums and will determine what pictures and information to share in the album. Birthparents typically select the adoptive family they want for their child. When the adoptive families undergo the homestudy, they are asked what ethnicities they wish to accept and what level of openness with the birthparents they desire. The birthparents (most often the birthmother) are shown the albums of approved adoptive families that match what she is looking for in a family and for whom she is a good match. Since birthparents select the adoptive parents, AAA does not have control over the waiting time to be matched. It could be weeks up to about 2 years. It is best for families to emotionally prepare themselves for a wait of at least 14-15 months, since many families wait this length of time and it is bett
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