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Youngstown Adoption Agencies

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Catholic Charities Regional Agency

Youngstown, OH 44502 | (330) 744-3320

Through its services to women, children and families, Catholic Charities promotes the pro-life position of the Catholic Church. Historically, Catholic Charities has responded with love and compassion to those who have looked to the Church for help and hope in their time of crisis. Catholic Charities Regional Agency maintains an adoption license and facilitates adoption services and placements on behalf of the four Catholic Charities social service agencies in the Diocese of Youngstown. Thousands of children in the State of Ohio are in the foster care system, waiting for permanent adoption placements. Many of these children are school-aged and/or possess special needs. Catholic Charities believes that finding homes for Ohio’s waiting children should be a priority. A number of children in foster care “age out” of the system each year, meaning that they are released as independent adults at the age of 18. These young adults, many of whom are still in high school, are at-risk for poverty and/or other serious challenges including homelessness, incarceration, and addiction. Catholic Charities believes that offering services to these children preparing for independence without family support should be a priority. With regard to its adoption services, Catholic Charities can provide information to couples interested in adoption, and help pregnant women create an adoption plan if the need is presented. Catholic Charities can also work with parishes to recruit adoptive families for Ohio’s waiting children. In order to protect the rights and the emotional well-being of all parties involved in the adoption process, Catholic Charities will remain faithful to its history of not facilitating open adoptions. Catholic Charities supports the efforts of local organizations through service, advocacy and convening on issues concerning the welfare of children.

Mahoning County Children Services - Adoption

Youngstown, OH 44503 | (330) 941-8888

Adoption is the method by which adults become the legal parents of children not born to them. An adopted child is cared for by a parent or parents who are willing to give love, security, and a sense of well-being.

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