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We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.


VISALIA, CA 93279 | (559) 737-4660

All children need a safe and stable home to thrive. Whenever possible, Child Welfare Services provides assistance to families to help keep the children safely at home. However, when a child must be removed from his or her caregivers due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment, Child Welfare Services (CWS) will arrange for a temporary home for the child. CWS strives to place all children who must be removed from their caregivers into the least restrictive, most family-like home available. Our best option is to find relatives who are able to take care of the child in their home; our next best option is to place the children temporarily into a licensed foster family home. Our goal is to provide services to the family that will help them reunite with their children. Sadly, this is not always possible or in the best interest of the children due to continued problems at home. When reuniting a family is not possible, CWS works to provide a permanent situation for children, either through guardianship or adoption. Guardians have most of the same legal rights and authority as birth parents, without requiring the termination of parental rights. Guardianship ends when a child turns 18 and is considered an adult. Adoption also provides a child with a permanent and stable family. It is the permanent, legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from a child’s biological parents to the adopting parents.

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