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Tulsa Adoption Agencies

We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

Adoption Affiliates

Tulsa, OK 74135 | (918) 664-2275

Adoption Affiliates was founded in 1987 to assist women with unexpected pregnancies make an adoption plan for their baby. Our favorite phrase is “Connecting Hearts” because that is what we do. We connect hearts and assist in building families through adoption. We are a nonprofit agency and deeply care about the parents and children we serve. Our office locations are in San Antonio, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma and are licenced in both states. We service all areas of Oklahoma and Texas and have worked with other states as well. We do not hesitate to travel and can come to you when needed. Our social workers and counselors are trained and experienced to assist you. Your satisfaction and wellbeing are important to us. We will provide you with information and support without judgment or pressure. We understand the challenges you face and will work dilligently to overcome obstacles and make this a positive experience for you. We also take your privacy very seriously. All of our services are confidential and all information will be mailed in an unmarked envelope. Adoption Affiliates is a small and experienced organization. This allows us to provide outstanding service and individualized attention to our clients while getting the job done efficiently. We have a true desire to help and deeply care about each of our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Crisis Pregnancy Outreach

Tulsa, OK 74133 | (918) 296-3377

No one should have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. Thousands of women have stood in your shoes, not knowing where to turn or what to do. You may feel confused and alone. But you don't have to. We're here to help, both physically and emotionally. Our services and support are free and confidential. More importantly, they’re provided by a caring staff of volunteers with a heart for you and your baby. No one should have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone.

Dillon International

Tulsa, OK 74105 | (918) 749-4600

Dillon International was founded by Jerry and Deniese Dillon in 1972 to meet the needs of the thousands of vulnerable Korean orphans. Centrally located in the United States, Dillon International is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was the first licensed international adoption agency in the state. Throughout our history, Dillon International has been actively involved in establishing intercountry adoption standards and policies both in the United States and abroad. The agency has helped to establish adoption programs in several countries, including a model foster care program in Korea. Each participating country in the agency’s adoption program has invited Dillon International to help find homes for their vulnerable children. Since our beginning, Dillon International has placed over 6,000 children from developing countries with loving, adoptive families in the United States. Several hundred additional children have been placed with families in their country of birth as a result of Dillon’s efforts. In addition, Dillon International has helped to underwrite hospitals, orphanages and schools in Korea, India, China, and most recently in Vietnam.

Heritage Family Services

Tulsa, OK 74135 | (918) 491-6767

Heritage Family Services, a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, can be your resource for quality social services. In providing a complete range of adoption services the professional staff of Heritage will guide you through the adoption process while also providing your family with encouragement and support.

Catholic Charities - Diocese of Tulsa - St. Anne Adoption Services

Tulsa, OK 74158 | (918) 508-7131

The mission of St. Anne Adoption Services is to be Christ’s merciful love to pregnant women, children and adoptive families. We educate, assist and equip those making parenting plans to meet the needs and best interest of the child.

Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care - Tulsa Office

Tulsa, OK 74145 | (918) 895-6824

Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care is a licensed adoption agency in the state of Oklahoma. We are able to provide adoption services to women in unplanned pregnancies and services to Christian couples hoping to adopt. We believe that adoption is a beautiful expression of love. For the birth family, it is a loving decision to give their child life! For the adoptive family, it is a loving gift to give a child a family. Adoption is a gift of a child to another family. All families applying through Lilyfield are practicing Christians. It is their goal in life to raise their children to know Jesus Christ. Adoption is a good choice for a woman who is not able to parent her child for some reason. Some women choose adoption for their children because they would prefer their child to be raised in a two-parent family. Some women choose adoption for their children because of the poor relationship between she and the father of her unborn child. Whatever the reason, women who consider adoption do so because they love their children and want the very best life for them. The staff at Lilyfield creates the adoption process according to the birth mother's wishes. We believe that every adoption is unique, just as every person is unique! God uses adoption to accomplish His blessings. Moses was the first recorded adoption we know. God placed Moses with an adoptive family to fulfill His will. We believe he has good plans for you and your child as well.

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