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We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

Adoption Miracles LLC

Tampa, FL 33626 | (813) 654-6911

Adoption Miracles, LLC a a licensed child-placing agency in Tampa, Florida, that provides couples from all over the United States a place to start a family or expand their families through adoption. We have dedicated professionals who facilitate a supportive environment with a personalized adoption plan for both birth parents and adoptive parents alike. The choice to become parents and explore the world of adoption is probably one of the most difficult decisions that you will make in your life. We have the experience an expertise to empathize and understand what you are going through, as we have been there ourselves. We are available to support you through this difficult and exciting process you are about to begin. We provide a compassionate approach that feels like you are part of our extended family and promote a working relationship that meets everyone's needs in the adoption process.The goal of Adoption Miracles is to provide comprehensive adoption planning, placement, and counseling services to all members of the adoption triad. This includes birth parents, who may be experiencing a crisis pregnancy and have no one to turn to for support and guidance; prospective adoptive parents, who may have experienced the pain and disappointment of infertility and need understanding and compassion in this next step to becoming parents; and some families who just want to open their hearts and home to a child whose parents are not ready to be parents. Whatever the reason, Adoption Miracles wants to help you build Your family through adoption. No child is ever turned away no matter what the circumstances are or the choices the birth mother made during pregnancy because we believe that for every child, there is a family waiting. We will provide you with all the background information about your birth parents and medical history that we can obtain from them to help you make the best decision about the new addition to your family. We have an open door policy about communication between all parties involved in the adoption process, while also maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. We believe that every child deserves a loving, permanent family no matter what their race or mother’s background. We recognize that not all people are alike, so we set flexible guideline about how your adoption should proceed. We feel our adoptions are most successful when we allow the people involved to give input about the adoption process. As a result, most of our adoptions are semi-open, by meeting with their birth parents, spending time at the hospital before they have to say goodbye, and remaining in contact through pictures and updates; And know that you gave your baby a life that you could not provide for them. Others are closed with no contact. We know finding the right adoption professional is a difficult decision. We ask you to check us out before you make your decision. We ask you to check us out before you make your decision. We be live you will see the difference from the first phone call. You can e-mail or call us today; we want to build your family.

American Adoptions Of Florida

Tampa, FL 33607 | (813) 868-1000

American Adoptions is a licensed, full-service adoption agency offering adoption support, education and adoption services to families and birth parents across the country. Whether you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or an adoptive couple hoping to make your dreams of parenthood come true through adoption, our agency is here to help you each step of the way.

Heart Of Adoptions Alliance Inc.

Tampa, FL 33606 | (866) 432-7860

Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. was granted Hague Accreditation on January 23, 2014. This is the only accreditation that allows an agency to provide intercountry adoption services.

Heart Of Adoptions Inc.

Tampa, FL 33606 | (813) 258-6505

At Heart of Adoptions Inc., our primary mission is to create families through adoption. However, we take this one step further by ensuring that all our clients: expectant parents, their children, and hopeful adoptive families, are treated as individuals with unique needs, situations, and emotions. We believe in flexibility, respect, and confidentiality. In order to complete this mission we believe in employing a staff that is passionate about all aspects of adoption. From our office manager greeting everyone entering the front door, to the case managers who work so closely with birth mothers to help with pre-natal care and other support needs, to the attorney conducting everything from consents to finalization, you will be surrounded with a support staff of dedicated professionals who believe in dignity and respect, regardless of the situation or personal choices. We strive to make every adoption experience the best it can be. Heart of Adoptions, Inc. was created in 2001 by attorney Jeanne T. Tate. Jeanne Tate created Heart of Adoptions, Inc. after practicing law for many years at a large firm. Jeanne found adoption law so gratifying, that it became her sole concentration and professional mission in life. Jeanne aspired to create an agency with unyielding dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and competence. The satisfaction of helping people start or grow their family through adoption has remained a powerful influence and motivation for Jeanne. Her desire to create the best agency in Florida has allowed for the opening of several satellite offices with experienced staff serving the entire state. Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is committed to ensuring adoptions are legally sound, while also providing personalized services. This commitment has made us a highly respected agency with numerous grateful clients.

Heartfelt Adoptions and Surrogacy Services

Tampa, FL 33629 | (813) 835-6000

If you are pregnant, we encourage you to learn about your options and why adoption might be the right choice for you. If you are looking to adopt, learn how Heartfelt Adoption and Surrogacy Services can help to make your dreams of becoming a family come true

Independent Adoption Center

Tampa, FL 33607 | (813) 517-0503

We are the TRUSTED leader in open adoption since 1982. We are the largest, oldest, and most experienced open adoption agency in the country, facilitating adoptions in 49 states, and fully licensed in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. We have a professional staff of EXPERIENCED social workers. The IAC consists of professional and licensed social workers with Masters of Social Work (MSW) degrees or higher. Kathleen Silber, the IAC’s Clinical Director, is a nationally regarded expert in the field and has advocated extensively for open adoption. We are SUPPORTIVE throughout the entire adoption. As a nonprofit organization our main focus is on counseling and support. The IAC is committed to providing both birthparents and adoptive parents with the most comprehensive counseling support available. We make our fees AFFORDABLE based on income. The IAC offers fees on a sliding scale correlated to your income. The average fees range from $13,000–$19,000. There is also a Federal Tax Adoption Credit that can reduce your adoption costs to as little as $4,000–$6,000. WE HAVE NO EXCLUSIONARY POLICIES. The IAC offers birthparents the right to choose a family for their child. The IAC has no racial/ethnic, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression restrictions for prospective adoptive parents.

Catholic Charities Adoption Services - West

Tampa, FL 33612 | (813) 610-3339

Catholic Charities provides counseling of birth parents, provisions or resources to meet physical needs of birth parents considering adoption planning; facilitates the legal transfer of parental rights for those parents who voluntarily select adoption as their option of pregnancy and/or parental resolution; conducts adoption home studies and preparation for prospective adoptive parents who wish to adopt through our agency, as well as for prospective adoptive parents working with an independent/intermediary/and/or agency outside of the State of Florida for domestic and/or international placement; provides post placement counseling, support and follow-up services, provides consultations with individuals and organizations to provide specific information on adoption; and search services for Catholic adopters and birth families interested in reunification.

One Church One Child of Florida - Suncoast Office

Tampa, FL 33617 | (813) 985-7831

OCOC operates statewide in Florida and is a private, non-profit, faith-based organization that provides adoption related services and works in partnership with the Florida Department of Children and Families and churches. One Church One Child also collaborates with the Community Based Care Lead Agencies and their provider agencies in recruiting and referring families interested in adopting children from Florida's Foster Care System. One Church One Child is currently not a licensed child placement agency. However, as an adoption program, One Church One Child was initially implemented March 1988 to assist the Florida Department of Children and Families. The program has a proven track record and has been instrumental in finding adoptive and foster homes for children, providing awareness, support and training to families, community agencies and organizations over these past years. In accordance with the legislative mandated privatization of child welfare service, One Church One Child now operates as an independent 501© 3 non-profit service provider, but does not operate as a licensed child placement agency.

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