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South Orange Adoption Agencies

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Children’s Aid and Family Services, Inc.

South Orange, NJ 07079 | (201) 261-2800

Imagine this: A child learning for the first time that it's perfectly acceptable - even welcome - to laugh at the dinner table, do homework at the desk, help with the dishes. If you have an abundance of love to give such a child, and the safety and security of a permanent, nurturing home, you could have the experience of being an adoptive parent - with unimaginable rewards. Families, couples and single people have many different reasons for wanting to adopt a child, from the desire to expand their family, to the wish to nurture a child who cannot be raised by his or her birth parents. Regardless of the motivation, those who can offer the love and stability a vulnerable child needs will not only help that child heal from the wounds of a traumatic past but also help this child build a helpful future. Children's Aid and Family Services has been helping children who don't have families able to care for them for over 110 years. We've placed more than 10,000 infants and children with loving adoptive families and have many opportunities for you to open your home and heart to a vulnerable child. The agency is uniquely qualified to guide you every step of the way, helping you navigate this new terrain by providing comprehensive support and guidance. A staff member is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- an especially reassuring fact if you are adopting a child with behavioral or learning issues.

Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children - New Jersey

South Orange, NJ 07079 | (973) 327-4729

SPENCE-CHAPIN IS AN ACCREDITED NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION that has been offering quality adoption services for more than 100 years. Our mission is to provide adoption and adoption-related services of the highest quality. The organization focuses on finding adoptive homes for children who need families; promoting the understanding of adoption through counseling and public education; and improving adoption's image and practice. We are growing the pool of willing adoptive parents by lowering the financial barriers to adoption. We are educating these families as they consider adoption and we’re reducing their fears that can overwhelm the process. Through our Modern Family Center we are helping each family member navigate their individual adoption stories with clarity and confidence. Our mission is driven by the simple belief that every child deserves a family. Spence-Chapin's roots can be traced to the early 1900s and the pioneering work of Clara Spence, and Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chapin, who independently established nurseries out of concern for homeless infants abandoned in hospitals and shelters. The Spence and Chapin nurseries each broke new ground in developing social work techniques for adoption and, after the merger, continued to pioneer in the adoption field. Today, Spence-Chapin is proud of our role as a prominent voice and leading advocate for adoption, and of our commitment to the well being of all members of the adoption triad: birth parents, adoptive parents, and their children.

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