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We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

A World For Children - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78209 | (210) 249-0770

The San Antonio office opened in January of 2005 and in a very similar way to how AWFC began, with humble beginnings. Since its inception, the San Antonio office started from scratch and spent many years building relationships, getting involved in our community and, most importantly, growing our AWFC family. One of the things that is special about our San Antonio team is our tenure. Almost all of our staff have been part of the San Antonio team for 6 years or more, and almost all of our staff are bilingual. We have a team concept of “we work hard and we play hard.” Each member of the San Antonio team has extensive knowledge in working with CPS and working with other child advocates, to help ensure the success of each child that we serve. San Antonio leads the nation in teen pregnancies and also leads our state in the amount of children that are abused and neglected. This is something that simply cannot be ignored...we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We love our city, the culture, and we believe that child abuse is not a government problem, it’s not a particular race, or socio economic issue but rather a community issue, that can only be tackled by coming together. We have recently re-located to the Catholic Life building off 4-10 and Harry Wurzbach and we would love for you to drop by and learn more about the San Antonio AWFC team! Viva San Antonio!

ABC Adoption Agency

San Antonio, TX 78212 | (210) 227-7820

An unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience. You may feel devastated, alone, confused, scared and unsure of where to turn for guidance. The staff at ABC Adoption Agency would like to help you with any fears or confusion that you may be going through right now. We will listen to you and help you to consider your options for yourself and your child. If you choose to place your child for adoption through ABC Adoption Agency, we will provide support and friendship throughout the adoption process.

Abrazo Adoption Associates

San Antonio, TX 78216 | (210) 342-5683

Abrazo Adoption Associates is a private, nonprofit child-placement agency serving the needs of birthparents, children and adopting parents nationwide. Licensed by the State of Texas, Abrazo specializes in open adoptions, in which the agency, birthparents and adopting parents work together to make loving plans for their childrens’ futures. Let’s be honest: for far too long, adoption agencies have been known for taking over peoples’ lives, judging them by outdated standards and depriving folks of control over their own destinies. At Abrazo, we’re working to change that–to educate, encourage and support our clients as they make their own best decisions. It’s help you can trust, because you deserve the best.

Adoption Affiliates

San Antonio, TX 78212 | (210) 824-9977

Adoption Affiliates was founded in 1987 to assist women with unexpected pregnancies make an adoption plan for their baby. Our favorite phrase is “Connecting Hearts” because that is what we do. We connect hearts and assist in building families through adoption. We are a nonprofit agency and deeply care about the parents and children we serve. Our office locations are in San Antonio, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma and are licenced in both states. We service all areas of Oklahoma and Texas and have worked with other states as well. We do not hesitate to travel and can come to you when needed. Our social workers and counselors are trained and experienced to assist you. Your satisfaction and wellbeing are important to us. We will provide you with information and support without judgment or pressure. We understand the challenges you face and will work dilligently to overcome obstacles and make this a positive experience for you. We also take your privacy very seriously. All of our services are confidential and all information will be mailed in an unmarked envelope. Adoption Affiliates is a small and experienced organization. This allows us to provide outstanding service and individualized attention to our clients while getting the job done efficiently. We have a true desire to help and deeply care about each of our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

The Adoption Alliance

San Antonio, TX 78216 | (800) 626-4324

The Adoption Alliance is an adoption agency licensed to place children and infants for permanent adoption. The agency staff includes administrative staff, counselors, educators and social workers. Our goal is to build happy families and to assist all parties through the adoption process with professional, caring guidance. The birth mother, birth father or birth family chooses the adoptive parents for their baby through the adoption planning process. Most of the cases involve infant adoptions, but the staff places several older children for adoption each year. The agency handles several types of adoptions and has worked with adoptive parents living throughout the continental United States. The Adoption Alliance works directly with adoptive parents, attorneys, birth parents, social service agencies and social workers. Many adoptive applicants are represented by an attorney, with practices limited to adoption, who will provide guidance. Some adoptive parents attend seminars and/or are working closely with a social worker, adoption professional or facilitator. Still, there will be many questions throughout the adoption process. The agency staff welcomes any and all inquiries concerning the agency, its policies or the rules and regulations governing adoption.

Adoption Angels

San Antonio, TX 78201 | (210) 227-2229

Adoption Angels is a full service child placing agency unlike any other. We offer the professional one-on-one guidance needed to answer any question or concerns you have about adoption. Our diverse staff brings together many perspectives as we are comprised of mothers and daughters allowing us to better understand the needs of our parents and know how to serve your unique situations. Adoption Angels values what it means to be a parent. For this reason, we always treat our parents with respect and dignity they deserve and keep the child's welfare at heart. Having more than 30 years combined experience in the field of adoption, we have assisted many birth parents in finding loving adoptive homes for their children. Bringing these families together has brought us much joy. We formed this agency with our own visions of touching hearts and answering prayers.

Adoption Priorities, Inc.

San Antonio, TX 78232 | (210) 535-5386

Adoption Priorities, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c) 3, Christian agency licensed by the State of Texas, which specializes in providing home study and post-placement services to families adopting domestically or internationally. Our priority is to make your adoption home study experience a smooth and compassionate process. We are committed to providing the utmost reliable, trustworthy and ethical experience possible. Adoption Priorities, Inc. was established to provide comprehensive services to adoptive families. Although, we do not provide matching or placement services, we are able to work with a placing agency of your choice to ensure our home study services meets their requirements. After placement, we are committed to providing services to families in the post-placement and post-adoption phase including monitoring and supervision of placement and post-placement reports.

Angels' Crossing

San Antonio, TX 78207 | (210) 367-0325

Angels’ Crossing was established out of the desire to insure children and families have the necessary means to live full and abundant lives as demonstrated within a Christian perspective. Angels’ Crossing is a faith-based, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in 1998. The Agency was licensed as a Child Placing Agency (CPA) by the state of Texas in 2006 and has been providing licensed foster homes for abused and neglected children and has been facilitating adoptions since then. Angels’ Crossing uses professional staff members who provide confidential, caring, professional expertise and adoption services to women facing unplanned pregnancies and desiring adoption services for their babies. Our goal is to provide an optimum future for a new life entering a world of insecurity.

DePelchin Children’s Center - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78229 | (210) 691-3222

DePelchin Children’s Center is the leading center in Texas for children’s well-being, with a focus on mental health, foster care and adoption services. For more than 120 years, DePelchin has been turning lives around with comprehensive care for children, including psychiatric services, counseling, programs for at-risk youths, parent education, residential treatment, foster care and adoption. DePelchin is a not-for-profit organization and gratefully receives its support from individuals, foundations and corporations; government grants and fees; and United Way agencies.

Upbring Adoption

San Antonio, TX 78230 | (210) 979-8473

Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption have served children, families and communities since 1881 and have provided adoption guidance, specifically to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, since 1944. Through the placement of more than 8,000 children into loving, forever homes, Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption are experts in offering long-term support and dependability to their birth parents and adoptive families.

Pathways Youth & Family Services - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78228 | (210) 733-7117

Pathways is a Texas-based non-profit social services organization dedicated to creating environments where children and families thrive. We provide a wide array of social services including adoption, foster care, counseling, therapy and other in-home services. All children need great parents. Why? Because parents create the stable, safe and nurturing environments in which children thrive. This is the premise of our adoption program and why we strive to find permanent homes for children. Our adoption staff is committed to ensuring the success of all the children and families we have the privilege to work with and we are committed to excellence before, during and after the adoption process. Our adoptive families will always have Pathways as an advocate and supporting partner. It is our goal to provide each home and child the best opportunity for a successful adoption experience. Pathways Adoptive Families: Provide for their children's safety at all times; Create an environment where children can thrive; Encourage and develop each child’s unique interests and curiosity; Help the children discover their own unique gifts & talents. Pathways also believes that children can succeed in homes of varying religious affiliations, racial make-ups and socio-economic backgrounds. We work with families that share a common interest in healing the past and building strong futures in every child we encounter.

Refuge House

San Antonio, TX 78230 | (972) 662-5112

Refuge House is a unique and innovative non-profit foster care and adoption agency that strongly believes in its motto, “A home is in the Heart of EVERY child.” The agency was founded on traditional Christian values and works hard to keep things “family focused”. The staff is a team of excellence, comprised of those committed not just to their roles in the agency, but to each of the children and families served. Unlike government run agencies, we provide round the clock access every day of the year. We know needs arise 24/7, and we offer 24/7 access and hands-on support to those we serve. Faith and Prayer are a large part of our day to day operation because we understand the simple fact that without God nothing is possible. Currently, the agency serves newborns through 21 years of age. If you are looking for an agency that will not only walk with you, but support you through the ins and outs of foster care and adoption, we urge you to consider making Refuge House your home.

Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78228 | (210) 332-9171

Texas Foster Care and Adoption Services is a private non-profit child placing agency licensed by the State of Texas. The organization was formed by like-minded individuals, dedicated to the mission of making a real difference in the lives of children in the State of Texas. The number of foster children in the San Antonio and Austin area is growing more and more every year. Today more than ever, we face the growing issue of needing more foster parents in the San Antonio region. By informing people every day about the need for foster care in our area, more people will become familiar with the available programs and benefits to fostering children. We hope that more families will consider fostering children. Many people in the San Antonio region either know current or former foster children or foster families. During the last census in 2009 there were a total of 547,415 children in the United States in foster care. Over 27,000 of these children are from Texas. These numbers have increased substantially over the past two years. Foster children should be a direct concern for every tax payer because our tax dollars are used to pay for the programs used to support foster children. With an increase in education and awareness, we can stop this problem from growing and begin to resolve it. We are searching for people in the community to provide loving, nurturing and healing homes to abused and neglected children in the state of Texas. Texas Foster Care covers the Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and San Antonio areas with a special emphasis on Bexar County. We are members of Interagency Foster Care Coalition.

Providence Place - Adoption Services

San Antonio, TX 78240 | (800) 842-5433

Since 1895, we’ve provided adoption services to expectant mothers and families. Adoption is a loving alternative that provides opportunities for everyone involved.

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