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SALINAS, CA 93908 | (831) 455-9965

Kinship Center is a California nonprofit agency that creates and supports permanent families for children through adoption, relative caregiving or other guardianship. Our commitment is to permanent rather than temporary solutions, as decades of research have shown that children need stable, permanent families in order to thrive. Since 1984, Kinship Center has helped build and strengthen families for thousands of children of all ages: those who can no longer remain safely with their birth parents because of abuse and neglect, those who have been abandoned, and also those who are voluntarily relinquished for adoption as infants by their birth parents. Kinship Center is headquartered in Salinas, California with facilities and services in eleven Southern California, Central Coast and Northern California counties. Kinship Center has created programs and services over the years to meet the full range of children’s needs, including children with past trauma, and to support the adults who step forward to provide them safe “forever families.” Our pre and post-adoption training gives new parents the tools they need to help children overcome the scars of their troubled pasts. Our goal is to build and sustain strong families that give children a second chance at life and that are an asset to the community.


SALINAS, CA 93901 | (831) 755-4475

Family and Children’s services is a licensed adoption agency that works to arrange permanent home placements for children. Adoption services include recruitment and screening of prospective parents, training and educational services, and finalizing adoptions.

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