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Sacramento Adoption Agencies

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SACRAMENTO, CA 95825 | (916) 487-2111

Since 1989 Foster Family Service has been certifying foster families to care for children in need of a safe, nurturing home. In our 21 year history we have placed thousands of children in to both foster and adoptive homes. We serve nearly half of California’s 58 counties, largely through the Central and Northern portions of the state.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95825 | (916) 641-0661

Everything that we do is grounded in a philosophy of inclusion and partnership. Our services are guided by the principle that all children need love, guidance and a sense of belonging that only a family can provide. To this end: We do whatever it takes to help children and families achieve positive outcomes. We tailor services to children and families’ specific strengths and needs. We engage the community to strengthen families through advocacy, education, partnering with faith based organizations and cultural activities. We make use of resources and expertise in the field to assist children and families become integrated as a family system.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95827 | (916) 855-5441


SACRAMENTO, CA 95821 | (916) 483-2154

LDS Family Services helps Church leaders care for individuals with social and emotional challenges by providing resources that are in harmony with gospel principles.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95827 | (916) 875-5967

Sacramento County is a state licensed adoption agency. As a public adoption agency, children available are dependents of Sacramento County Juvenile Court. These children have been removed from their biological parents. The Adoptions program staff is responsible for assessing if adoption is the best plan for the child. They strive to ensure that a child and adoptive family are well-matched, and that the family will help the child develop to his or her fullest potential.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95826 | (916) 344-0199

We are determined to do whatever it takes to provide young people with a chance at a healthy, productive and self-sufficient life. It is our unwavering commitment, both in theory and practice, to the sustainable success of our young clients and their families that separates us from other, similar organizations.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95826 | (916) 388-6400

The Adoption Program helps to find permanent homes for children age 0-19 that are placed in foster care. EMQ FamiliesFirst charges no fees to adoptive applicants wishing to adopt a foster child. Families who adopt through foster care are eligible to receive monthly adoption assistance payments and Medi-Cal benefits until the child(ren) turns 18. The EMQ FamiliesFirst Adoption Program welcomes families of any ethnicity, race, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age or income level. Adoptive parents can be single, married, couples or domestic partners.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95825 | (916) 568-5966

Family Connections Christian Adoptions exists to assist the waiting children of the world into permanent, loving families. It is our belief that God's love is best expressed in the family. The work of FCCA is a living expression of our love for Jesus Christ and for the homeless children throughout the world. We welcome adoptive families of every race and religion. It is the intent of FCCA to provide quality services to place as many waiting and special needs children as possible. The first and primary priority of the leadership and staff shall be a passionate commitment to adoption as the connecting point between loving families and waiting children.


SACRAMENTO, CA 95826 | (916) 368-5114

Sierra Forever Families is a private, nonprofit agency that focuses on finding and nurturing permanent families for children living in foster care. Founded in 1983, Sierra has helped more than 3,200 children find their forever family. Sierra believes every child needs and deserves a permanent, loving family. Through the agency’s innovative programs, it has become an industry leader known for advocating and finding homes for all children, including hard to place children such as older youth and large sibling groups.

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