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Oak Park Adoption Agencies

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Hephzibah Children’s Association

Oak Park, IL 60301 | (708) 649-7100

Hephzibah is Oak Park’s oldest social service agency - founded in 1897 when a village resident named Mary Wessels opened her home to two young boys. A postcard addressed to a friend is the only remaining record of Hephzibah’s beginnings. It reads, “I have begun my work. I have two boys, ages six and seven.” Later, when a local orphanage was destroyed by fire, Mary took in more than a dozen orphans and made it her mission to care for “society’s most vulnerable children.” With Mary, these children found safety, sustenance, comfort and love. She called the fledgling children’s home Hephzibah, after her mother. The name, which means “comforting mother” in Hebrew, was a perfect expression of Mary’s founding mission to create a nurturing haven for children in need. Today, more than a century later, Hephzibah’s mission is a multifaceted one. We offer short- and long-term group homes for children traumatized by neglect and abuse, child welfare and family services, foster care and adoption programs and award-winning day care on a sliding scale for families of all income levels. Our internationally recognized children’s home is built in the shape of the letter H, which stands for healing, hope, happiness and, of course, Hephzibah! Sometimes, helping a child means finding a loving, caring and safe environment outside of the home. When this is the case, our award-winning Foster Care Program ensures that there are licensed family homes, on a temporary basis, for children in crisis. Our dedicated foster parents are specially trained to provide the love, constancy and support needed to help neglected and abused children heal and learn to trust again. Sometimes foster care is a temporary arrangement while parents and children receive the counseling, services and support they need to succeed as a family unit. When returning home to their biological parents isn’t an option, many of the children in our Foster Care Program form permanent families with their foster parents through Hephzibah adoptions.

Heart to Heart Adoptions

Oak Park, IL 60301 | (708) 663-4189

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit adoption agency. Our corporate headquarters are in Sandy Utah, with additional offices and staff in Florida, New York, and Illinois. We work with prospective adoptive families and birth mothers throughout the United States. We provide homes for infants (and occasionally older children).

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