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Louisville Adoption Agencies

We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

Adoption Assistance, Inc.

Louisville, KY 40243 | (502) 254-2425

Adoption Assistance is dedicated to assisting persons in the adoption process by conducting home studies, post placement reports, finalization services and providing domestic child placement. Adoption Assistance will place children for adoption from birth to age eighteen without regard to race, sex, religion or national origin.

Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana

Louisville, KY 40202 | (502) 585-4369

Our mission is to build bridges between families who have made the loving choice of adoption. Our purpose is to place babies with adoptive parents who are committed to raising children in a loving, nurturing and secure environment. We strive to treat women experiencing unplanned pregnancy with dignity and compassion. Our goal is to provide information, uphold confidentiality, and support individuals in their choices. At Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana, we have a tremendous amount of respect for birth mothers and birth fathers for the selfless, difficult decision they make. Adoptive parents who take a leap of faith into the adoption process are dear to us as well. We do not take lightly the responsibility that both parties entrust to us – to build a bridge between families to provide a child with the opportunity to lead a healthy, happy, stable life.

A Caring Connection - Louisville Office

Louisville, KY 40208 | (502) 637-9786

A Caring Connection is a network of Kentucky Catholic Charities adoption agencies working together to provide statewide pregnancy help and adoption services. Our adoption agencies in Kentucky have provided support and hope to countless women, children, and families for more than 70 years. For women and men experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, A Caring Connection provides compassionate and professional assistance throughout the pregnancy and for as long as needed after an adoption placement. For couples whose hearts long for an adopted child, A Caring Connection is an accomplished leader in adoption services. A Caring Connection provides adoption preparation, adoption home study services, and post placement services to adoptive families. Adopted children are placed with loving adoptive couples, chosen by the biological parents. Children adopted through A Caring Connection can know their biological families through an open adoption arrangement. Our adoption agency can also arrange semi-open or closed adoptions if the biological parents so desire.

Home of the Innocents - Therapeutic Loving Foster Care / Private Adoption Servic

Louisville, KY 40202 | (502) 596-1313

The Therapeutic Loving foster Care (TLC) program at Home of the Innocents is licensed to provide services related to domestic and international adoptions. While TLC does not currently work with birth mothers to place children in homes for adoption, there are other ways that our staff can assist families who wish to adopt. Agencies that are based outside of this state or region will typically require adoptive parents to contract with a local agency for the home study and other services. TLC staff are sensitive and professional, and will help to guide and assist your family through what can sometimes be an emotional process. TLC completes numerous home studies for families each year. We are happy to provide this service to your family. After you are approved and your agency has matched and placed a child in your home, TLC is able to provide post-placement supervision, which is required by most states and countries before an adoption can be finalized. If a court report is necessary, our staff can complete that and ensure that it is submitted to the appropriate authorities. We strive to keep the costs of our services down so that adoption can be a more affordable option for families in our region. Please contact us to learn more about our services or to set up a complimentary meeting where we can discuss your family’s situation and how we can best help.

JFCS Adoption Services

Louisville, KY 40205 | (502) 452-6341

Deciding to start the adoption process can be overwhelming. JFCS Adoption Services is able to help everyone navigate the system.

Necco - Louisville

Louisville, KY 40218 | (502) 618-5950

Of the nearly 400,000 American children in foster care roughly 50% of them are unable to return to their biological homes. It’s up to us to help these kids achieve a more permanent and stable family setting. Necco is licensed for both adoption and foster care. Both types of parents are needed. In fact, oftentimes the fastest way to adopt is by first becoming a foster parent. We’ve helped many families determine what is right for them by introducing them to children through foster care that were later adopted.

SAFY of Kentucky: Louisville

Louisville, KY 40207 | (502) 813-8280

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) of America is a leading national nonprofit organization providing a full continuum of services for children and youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Building upon our reputation as a leader in quality treatment foster care services, our comprehensive programs and services include early intervention and prevention services, home- and community-based interventions, out-of-home placements, reunification and aftercare services provided with the goal of improving the health and quality of life of our nation’s most vulnerable children and families.

St. Joseph Children's Home

Louisville, KY 40206 | (502) 893-0241

St. Joseph Children's Home has been serving children for over 160 years. Families and society have changed since 1849, but at St. Joe's our commitment to children and families in need has not. Since the 1970's St. Joseph Children's Home has evolved into a more diversified child caring facility with a multitude of programs to help families face the challenges of life. The Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Program was established in 1996. The children are referred to the program from our own Residential Treatment Program and from various social service agencies in the state of Kentucky. These are children who have suffered abuse and neglect, have been uprooted from their family, home and neighborhood, and who need not only the love of new families but also the structure and guidance of well trained parents. Even though there are no longer orphans at St. Joe's, there are many, many children who need quality foster care and adoptive homes. Unfortunately the reality is there are always more children than there are homes. We are in need of families interested in fostering and adopting. We are especially looking for parents interested in sibling groups, older children, teens, children with behavior problems and children with special needs. We provide extensive training and support.

Adoption & Home Study Specialists

Louisville, KY 40223 | (502) 423-7713

Maryhurst - Foster Care and Adoption

Louisville, KY 40223 | (502) 499-1570

The Maryhurst Foster Care & Adoption program serves boys and girls, birth to age 21. As a non-profit agency, it also offers therapeutic treatment to address clinical issues that hinder positive coping, healthy maturation and placement permanency. Foster parents are trained to provide consistent, nurturing, trauma-informed care and offer 24-hour, in-home support from the foster care staff. The program accepts all definitions of family and offers financial assistance to foster parents.

Operation Open Arms

Louisville, KY 40220 | (502) 493-5007

Operation Open Arms, Inc is a private child placing agency, licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our mission is to provide a loving, nurturing, home environment to children whose mothers are incarcerated. Operation Open Arms recruits, trains, licenses and provides assistance to foster families to make placement of these children successful. Financial support for this charity comes through fundraisers and other generous donations. Operation Open Arms, Inc. was licensed by the State of Kentucky on July 24, 2003 as a private child-placement agency. This license allows us to provide foster care and adoption services for children throughout Kentucky. Our agency has also been recognized nationally for its mission of caring for children whose mothers are in prison. In March, 2003, Cathy Bailey, founder and president of Operation Open Arms received the “2003 Unsung Heroines” award for her dedication to the community. Cathy was nominated for this award by both Senator Mitch McConnell and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao on behalf of her work with Operation Open Arms.

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