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LOOMIS, CA 95650 | (916) 577-7980

In the California foster care system, there are over 60,000 children with a number of these available for adoption. Sadly, one out of five of these children turns 18 and leaves the foster care system without a family. Adopting through the foster care system (also known as fost-adoption) substantially reduces the costs usually associated with adoption and helps the children who need it most. Koinonia Adoption Services specializes in assisting families who wish to adopt through the foster care system and provide a waiting child with a loving, permanent family. Families who adopt through Koinonia become certified foster and adoptive parents. Through our supportive process the families meet all of the legal and regulatory requirements allowing them to care for a child. In almost all cases, adoptive parents are expected to foster any potential child before an adoption placement is made. Our commitment is to find families that can best serve these children and give them stable, loving and permanent lifelong commitments that they deserve. The ideal adoptive family is one that is loving, patient, supportive, and that is adopting to fulfill the needs of a child and not their own. While you may think a home like this is common place, the truth is most of these children have never had the opportunity to experience this and we feel it's our responsibility and mission to try and make that a reality.

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