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Lansing Adoption Agencies

We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

Lutheran Adoption Service - Lansing

Lansing, MI 48911 | (517) 886-1380

Lutheran Adoption Service is Michigan's largest full service private adoption agency, providing services for International, Domestic Infant & State Ward adoption services. Lutheran Adoption Service specializes in the placement of children from the State’s foster care system. Many children in foster care are in need of permanent adoptive homes. Most of these children have been neglected, abused or abandoned by their birth parents. The majority of children waiting for adoptive homes are African-American. Many of them are school age, male or are part of a sibling group who need to be placed together. Learning disabilities, developmental delays and emotional problems are common. Most of these children are in need of ongoing therapy and adoptive families find this a key ingredient to success.

Adoption Associates, Inc. - Central Michigan

Lansing, MI 48917 | (517) 327-1388

Trusted and tested, Adoption Associates, Inc., has placed over 4,600 children into loving homes. Founded in 1990, we have been a leader in domestic and international adoptions for over 20 years. Adoption, in the purest sense of the word, is our specialty and passion. More important than any number is our commitment to each child and parent: a commitment to care, and to walk each family carefully through each step of the adoption process. No detail will be overlooked; and that leaves each client who walks through our doors with an extra measure of peace of mind.

Child and Family Charities - Adoption Services

Lansing, MI 48911 | (517) 882-4000

When reunification of an abused or neglected child with their parents is not possible and parental rights have been terminated, Child and Family Charities adoption program links children who need a home with families wanting to adopt. The program locates families through recruitment, telephone inquiries, and community outreach. The goal of the adoption program is to locate families who can make a “lifetime” commitment to a child and provide a secure and nurturing environment where the child can progress mentally, physically, and socially. Children and their adoptive families are provided with needed assistance and support through pre and post adoption services. Services include counseling, orientation and education, pre-placement assessment, post-placement supervision, preparation of legal documents, adoption support groups, and referral to community resources. Program staff also assist families and attorneys involved in direct consent and international adoptions by providing adoptive home assessments on a fee-for-service basis.

St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Lansing, MI 48917 | (517) 323-4734

St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) is a local, charitable, non-profit dedicated to human services in the mid-Michigan area. STVCC partners with children, families and adults living in crisis, and helps them to find hope and safety so they can transform their lives. At St. Vincent Catholic Charities, protecting our community’s most vulnerable children is top priority. Through our adoption program we work to place children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect into loving and supportive homes. Our staff actively recruit caring families who are able to meet the needs of the children we serve.

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