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Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care - Oklahoma City Office

Edmond, OK 73013 | (405) 216-5240

Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care is a licensed adoption agency in the state of Oklahoma. We are able to provide adoption services to women in unplanned pregnancies and services to Christian couples hoping to adopt. We believe that adoption is a beautiful expression of love. For the birth family, it is a loving decision to give their child life! For the adoptive family, it is a loving gift to give a child a family. Adoption is a gift of a child to another family. All families applying through Lilyfield are practicing Christians. It is their goal in life to raise their children to know Jesus Christ. Adoption is a good choice for a woman who is not able to parent her child for some reason. Some women choose adoption for their children because they would prefer their child to be raised in a two-parent family. Some women choose adoption for their children because of the poor relationship between she and the father of her unborn child. Whatever the reason, women who consider adoption do so because they love their children and want the very best life for them. The staff at Lilyfield creates the adoption process according to the birth mother's wishes. We believe that every adoption is unique, just as every person is unique! God uses adoption to accomplish His blessings. Moses was the first recorded adoption we know. God placed Moses with an adoptive family to fulfill His will. We believe he has good plans for you and your child as well.

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