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Chicago Adoption Agencies

We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.

Chicago, IL 60607 | (773) 602-2660

Few situations can be more bewildering and turbulent for children than removal from their families. That’s why Ada S. McKinley’s Foster Care Services Division is there to provide comprehensive support and ease the anxiety associated with the traumatic situation of a family disruption. Ada S. McKinley is currently assisting 148 children from infancy to age 21 in their search for a permanent home. Our approach keeps siblings together so they have the support, comfort, and opportunity to share their experience of family life and loss and to maintain their identity as a family unit. A team comprised of a foster parent, social worker, and home development specialist facilitates a safe transition to a foster home placement. In many instances children may be placed with foster parents who are related. Foster parents ensure that the child’s primary needs are met, including food, clothing, personal self-care, and emotional support and comfort. Ada S. McKinley provides counseling, parenting education, and support to aid adoption by either new prospective parents or current foster parents or reunification with extended family. With the dedicated assistance of the Foster Care specialists, children and families are enabled to heal from past trauma and build stable, nurturing home environments.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Chicago

Chicago, IL 60622 | (312) 655-7086

Catholic Charities fulfills the Church’s role in the mission of charity to anyone in need by providing compassionate, competent and professional services that strengthen and support individuals, families and communities based on the value and dignity of human life. In order to remain faithful to our mission, Catholic Charities is guided by these core values: Respect, Compassion, Competence and Stewardship. Our mission and values are based on the firm foundation of Catholic Social Teaching, a collection of themes developed in papal and other writings over the course of the Church’s history. These themes include the belief that human life is sacred; that all humans have inherent dignity, rights and responsibilities; that social structures like marriage and the family must be supported; that the needs of the poor and vulnerable must be met; and that we must be responsible stewards of God’s creation. Far from limiting our focus, our Catholic identity and values enable us to truly be “universal,” which is what “catholic” really means. The tenets of Catholic Social Teaching call us to serve everyone, regardless of their belief or background, and to employ anyone, not just Catholics, who commits to our mission. Christ reached out to people of all faiths, and Catholic Charities does the same, with the goal of transforming lives for the better.

Centers For New Horizons

Chicago, IL 60653 | (773) 451-1380

In Foster Care we believe that loving and caring foster parents are key members of our team. As a small community-based program, we are committed to providing individual attention to birth parents, foster children and foster parents. Embedded in our philosophy are the African principles that promote “respect & dignity” for all in our daily work. Our program has a long history of successful adoptions, private guardianships and return home to biological parents.

Child Link

Chicago, IL 60608 | (312) 377-4735

Our mission at Child Link is to make human services available to all children and youths who are in need of support. Another of Child Link’s primary directives is to secure permanent homes for orphaned and abandoned children (from birth on) through our foster-to-adopt program. Annually, we place ten to fifteen children in foster-to-adopt homes with concurrent planning. We coordinate no fee adoptions to prospective parents following state mandated background checks and home studies. Before commencing adoption proceedings, Child Link works to investigate the child’s status regarding family placement options to ensure there are no unplanned disruptions in the future. Our success rate remains exceptionally high due to our diligence and expertise with fostering and adoption programs. Child Link’s adoption services are extremely thorough. As important as it is for us to place one of our youngsters in a nice home with a loving and adoring family, we want to make sure each of our youths are placed in the best possible family living situation that enables the proper nourishment to grow and mature. We want to be positive that the willing adoptive family is matched with an adolescent who best fits their living environment. The Child Link family believes there is a direct link between our extensive adoption program and our high success rate in placing orphaned youths with families. Because we have grown to love and care for the abandoned kids in our adoption program, we will always maintain a high level of foster service. At Child Link, creating and finding the best environment, mentoring and guidance, living arrangement that offers nurturing, and healthy family structure for our once misplaced children always come first!

Children’s Home + Aid

Chicago, IL 60636 | (773) 918-8600

Children’s Home + Aid has provided adoption services to children and families since 1883. Last year alone, nearly 300 children and families were affected by our adoption preservation services. More than 100 children annually are adopted through Children’s Home + Aid programs.

Children’s Home + Aid

Chicago, IL 60612 | (312) 455-5200

Children’s Home + Aid has provided adoption services to children and families since 1883. Last year alone, nearly 300 children and families were affected by our adoption preservation services. More than 100 children annually are adopted through Children’s Home + Aid programs.

Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center

Chicago, IL 60660 | (773) 334-2300

At Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center, our mission is: Helping children through adoption. We do this by: Finding permanent, loving adoptive families for children, regardless of the background or health of the child; Safeguarding the best interests and welfare of children placed in our care; Advancing the practice and understanding of adoption.

Lutheran Social Service of Illinois (LSSI)

Chicago, IL 60616 | (312) 949-4340

Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling Services guide individuals and couples who wish to expand their families through adoption, as well as expectant parent/s in need of pregnancy counseling. Assistance also is available for families formed through adoption who encounter emotional, educational, medical or behavioral issues. LSSI offers infant, international and special needs adoption. The majority of LSSI’s adoption services are offered statewide.

The Children's Place Association

Chicago, IL 60612 | (312) 733-9954

The Children's Place Association believes strongly in keeping families together and we make every effort to support the parent/child relationship. However, in situations of child abuse, neglect or when parents are too ill to provide care, foster care placement becomes necessary. Our Foster Care & Adoption Program recruits, trains, licenses and supervises individuals and couples to become foster parents. By operating our own program we are able to match children with special needs to foster parents capable of caring for them. A registered nurse coordinates care of children in the program and works with families to educate them on special needs. The program recruits parents who can accommodate sibling groups and support visits by biological parents and extended family. If a child is unable to return home to their birth parents, a loving permanent home is found with adoptive parents.

Unity Parenting & Counseling Inc.

Chicago, IL 60616 | (312) 455-0007

Unity Parenting and Counseling, Inc. is a private-non-profit organization providing a range of services in the areas of foster and kinship care, foster/kinship care conversion adoptions, violence prevention and parenting training, in-home parenting coaching, counseling, housing for homeless youth and families, low threshold, youth, emergency, overnight shelter, permanent housing for homeless disabled people and their families, transitional housing for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and reducing underage drinking, particularly in at risk youth and the public school system.

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