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Bronx Adoption Agencies

We are in the process of building our adoption agency database to help with adoption. Please be patient as we're improving our system to serve you better.

The Children's Village

Bronx, NY 10458 | (718) 220-4700

Of the approximately 534,000 children who have been separated from their birth parents and placed in foster care, about 126,000 can never return to their original homes. They need the nurturing and support that a permanent family can provide, and they deserve a chance to grow up feeling secure and loved. That is where special needs adoption comes into play. It’s not so much about finding a child for a family, but rather it’s about finding the most suitable family for each waiting child. “Special needs” is a phrase used to classify children who, for various reasons, have a harder time finding families willing to adopt them. Often special needs include factors such as age, background, and physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Children may also be classified as special needs if they are part of a sibling group that is being placed for adoption together, or members of a minority group. Typically, the children placed for adoption by Children’s Village are considered special needs.

Good Shepherd Services - Adoption Services

Bronx, NY 10453 | (718) 561-4340

While we make every effort to bring families back together, when young people cannot return to their birth parents, we find a permanent, nurturing adoptive home for the child, ideally within the existing kinship or resource family. When this is not possible, we recruit families who have demonstrated the ability to provide a permanent, nurturing adoptive home.

Saint Dominic's Home - Adoption Services

Bronx, NY 10459 | (917) 645-9100

We have received an adoption assessment rating of Outstanding from New York City Administration for Children's Services each year for the past decade. Saint Dominic's Home works diligently to reunite children who are in foster care with their biological families. However, when our casework efforts to work with these families are not successful, Saint Dominic's Home Adoption Department makes every effort to ensure that the child can grow up in a stable, secure and loving environment thorough adoption. If the biological family is unable to adequately plan for their child, the Adoption Department works in conjunction with Agency attorneys and caseworkers to legally free the child for adoption, so that he or she can be permanently placed in an adoptive home. During this time, we explain the steps involved in the adoption process to the child's current foster parents and, where they express interest in adopting, we assist them in working to finalize the adoption.

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